That stands for Save Our Socks!

My socks are getting pretty tired, and a little threadbare at the heels.
I have already decided that in the spirit of Buy Less, Buy Better, I want to replace my cheap, synthetic worn out socks with some of these beauties-Goat Socks from the good folks at Wiggly Wigglers.
BUT they are quite pricey, and I am up-holding my Buy Nothing for January resolution, so am “making do” with the ones I have for now.

I saw a blog post a while ago about someone who had patched some socks when they started to go through at the heel. Admittedly, these socks were proper socks, made from proper wool, but I wondered whether I could have a go doing a similar thing with my cheapo socks.
And it transpires, I can!

This is an example of the threadbare nature of the heel of one of my socks, in case you have never had socks that wear thin, and are wondering what all the fuss is about:

I sacrificed another, even more worn out sock, on the Make Do and Mend sacrificial altar, and cut two patches (one for each sock), and pinned them in place:



Then I took the platform bit (technical term) off the sewing machine and slid my sock onto the arm:

and sewed the patch in place with a close zig-zag stich. The first line was easy to do, it got progressively more fiddly trying to turn the sock through 90 degrees each time, and not sew through both layers of the fabric.
But I succeeded!

I have had a very brief try on and they were not overtly uncomfortable (high praise, I know). I will let you know if they create blisters, but for now, I am pretty chuffed!



12 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. I’m sorry your socks were getting sad. That looks like a good solution. Mine always wear out on the heels but no where else. I wonder if this could be done before wearing the socks to prevent the problem from ever happening?

    • Personally, I would rather wait and see if it happened, as you might waste some time pre-patching socks that might not wear too badly? Worth a try though!

  2. Darning and sockmending is an ancient and noble craft – well done you!

    For a slightly more comfortable finish, you might like to try cutting out the patch and zigzagging the edges on the machine, then sewing it on by hand. If you do not have a proper wooden darning mushroom, push an orange or potato inside to keep it in shape as you sew.

    • Thanks for the tip. My hand sewing is appalling I’m afraid and I have very little faith in it’s ability to withstand much. They are surprisingly comfy…!

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