Screw Blue Monday!

In keeping with my Year of Positivity and Joy, did you know today is officially “Blue Monday”?
Well, actually it may not be, it might have already happened, not the 6th January (in which case, hurrah! You sailed through it without even noticing). There is some debate in ‘scientific’ circles about when in should fall.
The idea behind it is that this is the day we are most likely to feel depressed-something to do with the winter, and the Christmas credit card bill, and the fact that many of us maybe now have given up on our New Year’s resolutions etc etc.

Anyway, whatever the cause(s), and whenever it actually falls, and whether or not it is a load of old tosh, here is a FANTASTIC remedy….



A brilliant initiative thought up by the happy smily people at Action for Happiness and The Happy Start Up School.
They want to  “re-position the day as one for positive change, so we can look forward with optimism to the year ahead.”


They have 10 ways you can Blue Monday a Happy One.
You can read about it in more detail on the site, but in brief, here are the 10 ways, and my take on them-see how many of them you can do today (or in fact, any day!)

  1. GIVE-buy someone a coffee, or make them some biscuits-I’ve seen a great post somewhere….oh yes, here 😉
  2. BE YOUR OWN BOSS-take a deep breath and take the plunge-Happy Start Ups have a free E-book and tool kit to help you
  3. STRIVE FOR A BETTER WORK-LIFE BALANCE-at a recent talk I went to, the guy giving the speech had jacked in his job as a para-legal and moved to Hawaii, and now works 15hrs a week to pay the rent. Extreme I know, but I think sometimes we get caught up in living to work, and not working to live
  4. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT-step out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill-may I suggest darning..! Or even just take a different route to work or school!
  5. LEARN TO APPRECIATE-as well as doing the 100 Happy Days project, I also had a great comment on the blog from Kiwi Jo, recommending the routine of writing down five good things that had happened during the day before going to be. I have been trying to do this, and it really does make you focus on the good stuff
    It's the little things
  6. FIND MEANING-whether it’s a faith, being the best parent/spouse/employee you can be, saving the world, whatever-try to find out what is important to you. There is a link on the Screw Blue Monday site to this amazing post by Umair Haque, about having a year that counts-I posted it on Facebook last week, and I LOVE IT! Watch it, it really is inspiring
  7. BE HEALTHY-we all know we should get more exercise, get more sleep, and eat less crap. But it is hard. However, I have been trying to get back into a routine of running (ok, jogging) again, and I definitely find my mood is lighter on the days I run-living proof!
  8. MAKE IT HAPPEN-I am a great one for having wonderful, amazing, life and world changing plans, and then getting overwhelmed by them, and doing precisely nothing. So the advice is to write down your goals and your aims, and then break them down in to baby steps, and just make a start
    Just do it
  9. CULTIVATE DEEP RELATIONSHIPS-take the time to actually stop and listen to what your loved ones are telling you, and also start new relationships-strike up a conversation with the person behind you in the queue at the post office-you might not end up with a new BFF (or you might!) but you might just brighten up someone else’s day (and your own)
  10. SMILE! I think I have blogged this already, but at a recent book signing I went to, the author was writing in the front of each book “Each morning when you wake up, before you do anything else…SMILE!”
    be the reason someone smiles


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