Positivity and Joy!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, may have noticed that I have, of late, been posting more quotes and links to, all things happy and positive and inspirational.
Well, that is because I have decided (slightly belatedly, I will admit) to declare 2014…
My Year of Positivity and Joy!
I know, it sounds hugely cheesy, but bear with.

I have never really considered myself an especially positive person, and have always been kind of glass half empty, and assumed that you were either one of those people, or not, and there was nothing you could do to change it.
I have suffered from depression and low self-esteem, and if I am brutally honest, feelings of self-loathing, and huge doubt.
But I am challenging all of that.

I have seen the light!
I have had a profound realisation that my happiness is down to me. And me alone.
I have realised that in order to be the change I want to see in the world, I first need to be the change I want to see in me.

Change your thoughts,Why it has taken 36 years to realise this I have no idea.
But it is a hugely powerful and empowering concept.
I get to choose how I react to the things that happen to me, the things that people say to me, the everyday minutiae of life.
And I can choose to react to that positively, or negatively.
And from now on, I am choosing POSITIVE!
And happiness and joy!

I could carry on as I have been for the last 30 odd years, feeling a bit of a victim, a bit “why me?”, with my moods and emotions yo-yo-ing around depending on who has said what, or things that have happened.
Or I can choose to believe that within me, is the wisdom, courage and compassion to find a better way. A happier, more contented, more peaceful way.
And to choose to recognise that I have value, and am deserving of the same joy and happiness that I wish for my loved ones.

You may have seen one of the pieces of writing I posted after my mum died, called Life’s Little Instructions by 93 year old William Snell


There are several lines in there that I love, but one of my favourite, and the goal that I have set myself, is to “Become the most positive and enthusiastic person I know”.
How about that for a New Year’s Resolution?!

I’ve had quite a few realisations on this theme, and I am planning to share them with you (lucky things!)
I will admit, that this could be seen as a slight departure from Make Do and Mend, but I hope you will forgive me if that is what you are thinking.
But I think, actually, that when you analyse it, maybe it isn’t really that much of a departure after all.
If we are to build a more sustainable, more resilient world, then those of us that inhabit it, also need to be sustainable and resilient. And at the very heart of that, is being happy. Deep down, happy in your core happy, not just “I’ve got a new I-pad” happy.
It’s like taking every meaning of The Good Life-the self sufficient aims and living more sustainably, but also a Good Life, a happy life, and one in which you do Good Things.

So if you want to join in, or if you are feeling like you do with a bit more happy in your life (and let’s face it, who couldn’t?) then here are a few great Facebook pages and Twitterers to follow for a daily dose of inspiration and joy 🙂

  • Action for Happiness-a movement of people taking action to create a happier society-you can follow them on FB and Twitter too-links are on the website
  • Soulseeds-seed the change with positive resources
  • @EngagingEmma on Twitter. Go search this woman out. I only stumbled across her at the beginning of this year, but every day, her tweets genuinely make me smile. Her timeline is a beacon of positivity and joy, and reading her tweets makes my day!

7 thoughts on “Positivity and Joy!

  1. You and me both!
    How fitting that immediately after reading this, I should spot the ‘Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’ FB status was the following quote, from a Libba Bray :
    “And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person.
    One moment at a time.”

    After all, smiles can be contagious!

  2. Good girl, well done. Im also living proof that this works. It took me a few months, but my colleagues in this current job call me bubbly (something Ive never been called before). My gratitude diary certainly helped and you know the more optimistic and positive you are, the more you can see opportunities (which you wouldnt have seen before) and the more good things come your way.
    Go Jen! :o)

  3. I was sent the Random Acts of Kiindness advent calendar in December and I completed most of the kind acts (believe me the act of being kind in music was kinder left not done!). I really enjoyed it. It was fun. But most of all I found it catching and it made people happy knowing I was doing this. It had a truly positive effect on my family and colleagues. It cost very little and I have continued as it has had such a positive result on everyone around. Brilliant!

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