A Good Idea Indeed….

OK, so the response was a fairly unanimous and resounding YES PLEASE to the proposed Make Do and Mend Monthly Magazine (well, blog post…).
I am just now a little concerned that I won’t match your expectations, but here goes!

Mag title Jan

Post-Christmas, and we think January Blues, Austerity, New Year’s Resolutions, Bright Shiny New Starts, and the more organised among us (!) start to look ahead to Valentine’s Day.
This month’s pick therefore gives you some inspiration for a shiny New Year, a spot of upcycling, and some Valentine’s makes.
Let me know what you think of the mix-it will be a work in progress and I need your feedback!

I posted this on the Facebook page, so some of you may have already seen it, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, so thought it worth sharing again here!

From the Facebook Page of The Bright Side

From the Facebook Page of the fabulous The Bright Side

Upcycling for the home
You *might* have the odd cork or two floating around after Christmas, so how about making some coasters (or you could go bigger and make a trivet?) like these ones on Apartment Therapy?
All you need is corks and a hot glue gun 🙂

Original image from Lizzie Joe Designs via Apartment Therapy

Original image from Lizzie Joe Designs via Apartment Therapy

New Clothes from Old

  • This jumper to card re-make on I am Momma, Hear Me Roar has been on my “To-Try” list for ages now, really must get on and do it!
  • I LOVE this one-again, it has been on my ‘to-do’ list for ages.
    The website is Japanese (I think!)  but the pics are fairly self-explanatory. It would take next to no time and looks soooooo cute 🙂
  • And if you, like me, are always losing your gloves, then this is a quick and super-easy make for some ‘new’ ones. I did a similar thing last Christmas for my sister in law, and if you are sneaky (and your jumper is large!), you can use the sleeves for mittens, and the main bit for a hat 🙂
Photo from Astute Homestead

Photo from Astute Homestead

Crafty Stuff
On a purely selfish note, I realised after my yarn tidying session the other day, that I could use some more storage. I saw these on Pinterest,

made from twine, and think they are fabulous. BUT the site is German, and I cannot speak a word, am not fluent 😦
I also have this pattern pinned,


Photo from Ravelry

from Ravelry, so I am wondering if I could try and use the pattern for these ones, but without the handles, and using twine..??!

Kiddy Upcycle (upcycling for kids, not upcycling your kids, in case you were confused…)
Again, I have already posted this on BookFace, but I never know if anyone is reading my posts, and this is so cool, it bears repeating.
We have an over-abundance of marbles in our house, due to SmallSmall’s obsession with them, and with carrying them around, and then leaving them strewn on the floor like some kind of Home Alone Baddy Catching/Parent Felling Device. And we have lots of old CDs. And I have children that like spinning tops.
So, you’ve guessed it, we are giving this a go!

Photo and tutorial from Meaningful Mama

Photo and tutorial from Meaningful Mama

Valentine’s Day
For the organised amongst you, and indeed for those of you who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are some quick and easy ideas for your loved one:

  • Piped chocolate hearts-I did these for hubby last year, and they are a little ‘rustic’ to say the least. I saw them on Zoe’s great blog Eco Thrifty Living, the link to the original post is here
  • Origami heart bookmarks-how cute are these?!
Photo from Make Grow Gather

Photo from Make Grow Gather

  • This is a super sweet idea for a card from We heart it

Photo from We Heart It

Photo from Crafted By Lindy

Photo from Crafted By Lindy

So there we have it!
The first ever Make Do and Mend monthly magazine blog post thing 🙂
Feedback please!
More ideas? Fewer ideas? Better ideas?!
More crafts? More upcyling? Any quick handy tips? Things to do with the kids? Natural cleaning tips?
What do you want people? Tell me!

23 thoughts on “A Good Idea Indeed….

  1. Post Christmas, perhaps some ideas on how to cut down on rubbish for those of us who are sympathetic to the cause but haven’t completely embraced it yet or managed to fit it into hectic lifestyles. Having done a spring clean too at the end of last week and getting rid of so much paperwork (some of it was dated 2008! eek) I was stunned by the amount of rubbish I had accumulated.
    Really enjoying your posts and all the best for 2014.

    • Oh my goodness, no pressure at all then if I am to be solely responsible for your education, entertainment and growth as a human being…. 😉

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