100 Happy Days

I saw the lovely people at Start post this on their Facebook page yesterday, and in the words of The Dragons, I’m in!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 22.08.03

The premise is simple, to post a picture on social media, using the hashtag #100happydays, once  a day for 100 days, of something that makes you happy.


Apparently not.
On the site they give the stat, that 71 % of the people who previously attempted this challenge failed.
Well, that is like a red rag to a bull for me! Surely I am not one of those 71%?!
I love a challenge, and if 71% of people fail, then that seems a pretty good challenge to me!

And for all those of you wondering why on earth anyone would want to do this…
It’s all about Mindfulness.
Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word of 2014 so far, and as well as a challenge, I love a bandwagon, so I’m jumping on.
Seriously though, being more mindful of what makes us happy, taking the time to register and acknowledge, and be grateful for, all the little things that happen every day that make us smile, is proven to make us happier. And who doesn’t want to be happier?
At times, I think we are all guilty of focussing on what we don’t have, rather than what we have.
Part of My Make Do and Mend Year, has been about realising that actually, I, we, have enough. We have enough (more than enough) material things. We don’t need any more.
And sometimes we (I) just need reminding to be grateful for what we have. For enough. To stop chasing after what we could have, and focus on what we have.
So that’s why I’m doing it.
Anyone else in?!

I’ll post my picture on Twitter everyday, but also at the bottom of each blog post too.
To get me started, here is one that is actually from yesterday, so a retrospective one, but it made me smile!

Finding cool crafty/make-y books in the local library! I heart libraries :)

Finding cool crafty/make-y books in the local library! I heart libraries 🙂

PS. Hubby has just read this post over my shoulder and his words were “should be easy, surely you just post a picture of me every day”….

29 thoughts on “100 Happy Days

  1. I’m in too! I did an 8 week mindfulness course last year and it changed my life. I always thought I was a glass half full, happy person. But after doing the course I realised that whilst I was innately a happy person, I wasn’t pausing enough to enjoy life as it happens. Mothers particularly (like me) are often doing things and thinking of other things at the same time. Mindfulness makes you stop, pause, listen, watch enjoy, appreciate. Being in the moment can be amazing. Even if, for example, your kids are playing up and won’t get ready for school, if you pause and just look at them, you can be filled with a feeling of love and happiness, instead of one of frustration! Mindfulness has certainly been the key to true happiness for me. I am quite excited about the challenge to see if I can do 100 straight days of happiness though… bring it on!

    • That course sounds great Kim-was it online, or an attendance? Have you got any links? It is something I would really like to explore more. Certainly sounds like you have benefitted from it. As you say, bring it on!

  2. A lovely idea, we do need to be thankful for what we have instead of what we don’t have. I would never manage to post a picture every so well done on taking up the challenge. Good luck and I look forward to seeing all the photos.
    Such a sweet comment by hubby too – perhaps he should photobomb all your pictures for the 100 days 🙂

  3. Excellent challenge.
    Every night before I go to sleep I note down 5 things that happened to me that day which Im grateful for. I started doing it when I was felt I was heading towards depression and was trying not to let it happen (so some days I couldnd think of one let alone five). It really helps you be more mindful and to look for the good in everything, and I can say its helped me turn my outlook around (in fact me colleagues see me as bubbly!). Go for it! :o)

  4. I’m in, your posts always inspire me but being rubbish at making anything but a mess, this I can do though!

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  6. Yes, it’s funny how mindfulness has become the thing lately isn’t it? I found some brilliant guided meditations a few years ago when I was stressed at work – meditationoasis.com – they are all free to download on iTunes. Deffo a skill for the modern world! Great to look forward to 100happydays too! x

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