Money Saving in Action…


I have had An Idea.
It remains to be seen whether or not it is A Good Idea.
I think it is, but then I think most of my ideas are AWESOME (!) so I will leave it to you lovely people to give me some feedback on The Idea.

During My Make Do and Mend Year, I may have mentioned on several occasions that the thing I missed most whilst Buying Nothing New, was magazines. Lovely crafty magazines, full of projects, and inspiration, and aspirational homes and lives, and the promise of half an hour sat with a cup of tea, in peace, reading said magazine.
Since the year has ended, I have indulged myself a few times, and whilst I still love them, and find them strangely addictive, I find that I never really do get that half hour with a cup of tea to sit in peace and flick through it, and very rarely ever get around to making any of the lovely things.
So, this week, whilst queueing in the Post Office and being *forced* to walk out past the Craft magazine section… I had The Idea.
I must have about a bazillion (at the last count) lovely, inspirational, aspirational projects pinned on Pinterest, so why not amalgamate them into my very own personalised magazine-ish blog post, full of Upcycling, and Mending, and Making Do, to share with you.
This is win-win for me-I save myself at least a fiver a month on magazines, and I get to spend time browsing Pinterest without feeling like quite such a time waster!
I could do it whenever I remember to do it monthly, and theme it a bit, so try and get some Valentine’s makes in pretty soon-ish etc.

What do you reckon?
Is it A Good Idea, or A Bad Idea? Or maybe A Not Even Interesting Enough To Have An Opinion On Idea?

Let me know!

PS. Here’s a little taster of some of things I might just share with you….

10 Recycled Craft Ideas for Old Christmas Cards
From Spit-Spot

Upcycled Slippers from an Old Jumper
From Instructables


DIY Lego Key Holder
From Mini-Eco


33 thoughts on “Money Saving in Action…

  1. It IS a good idea! I say this purely from a selfish viewpoint as I am not in the least bit crafty but always see such ideas and think, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Plus it will save lots of us from spending money on magazines too. Woohoo! (Warned you I was being selfish ha ha).

  2. do you honestly have the time though Jen?could you not just incorporate one bit on the end of each blog post?I know i only have the time to read a couple of blogs (yours being one of them) but i would hate to miss your magazine and also would worry about you taking on yet more things!You do so much xxxxx

    • That is very kind and thoughtful of you Helen. I will see how it goes-if it gets too much, I can always stop, or see if any other bloggers want to contribute?

  3. I love it when other bloggers list good ideas they have found on the net. Have you found Bored Blog Almighty? full of all sorts of random stuff, regularly updated.
    I belong to a couple of libraries -one loans out craft magazines for a week at a time [saving money there!] the other has a basket where people can donate/swap old mags [save money AND reduce clutter]
    happy new year

  4. I’m honouring a New Years Resolution to not buy anything new in 2014 (my little house is heaving with ..stuff) I hadn’t considered magazines being a no no *weeps like a three year old who dropped her icecream* Please do your crafty pinterest collection, if only for me :-/

    • Hurray for your New Year’s Resolution! And set your own rules-you can have mags if you want. No need for it to be a deal breaker. Just so long as you recycle them (or you could put them on Freecycle?) afterwards!

  5. Good Idea with a capital G and I. I held back on magazines from Sept to Dec except for a complete overload on Christmas editions but I’m back on the wagon and need a replacement. Your blog post would be great therapy!

  6. I know you’re busy….but I miss you…what can I say….YES! Please.

    I love a good mag, but I’m finding them very same-y and often not at all challenging in that, I could have worked it out for myself, or I’ve already done it or the projects aren’t original enough…..Pinterest deffo has some original things to keep the ‘easily bored’, ‘like a new challenge’ and whacky-minded’ amongst us!!

    I already love your first 3 ideas….we have buckets of Lego….an old jumper that I’ve been saving for a project and tomorrow the Christmas cards will hit the recycling unless I come up with a better option!

    If you can’t bear the load each month, why not get together with other bloggers occasionally and share a post across blogs.

    I look forward to your decision with eager anticipation 😉

    Happy New Year,
    Nora xx

  7. Wonderful idea! Your first three examples are great. I get so many great links and ideas from your blog, Jen and it has spurred me on to be more purposeful and positive in my own lifestyle this year.
    I leave for my school run early enough to have five minutes in the car before my lads meet me now, and always keep a book or magazine in there to look at.

  8. Would love you to! like you I have bought mags that I don’t always read or make things from- and inspired by you, I’m trying to make 2014 my own ‘buy nothing new- make or mend it instead’ year so I’ll be doubly grateful- thanks for all the inspiration so far

  9. I think that’s a very cool idea! I’d definitely be interested 🙂
    Plus I second the library thing – where I used to work, we always had boxes of donated magazines in the foyer of the library. Definitely worth checking out 🙂 x

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