Last Minute Gifts #1

OK, so because I have been less than organised this year, most of the presents we are giving are still being made, which I am aware is less than helpful for anyone else who was hoping to find some ideas here for things to make themselves. So big grovelling apologies. No real excuses. Just a lack of focus!!


Here is what I made for BigSmall’s teacher/TAs for Christmas. I recognise that the last day of term is probably considered too late to be giving you ideas for teacher gifts, but these would make great gifts for anyone, not just teachers! AND they cost about £1 each 🙂

Hyacinth7If you need some last minute gifts, and fancy giving these a go…
This is what you need:


  • Hyacinth bulbs-I got three in a pot for £2.50 at the greengrocers, which was considerably cheaper than the supermarket
  • Jam jars-try and find some with quite wide necks
  • Soil/compost
  • Fabric/lace
  • PVA glue

This is what you do:

  • Ensure your jam jars are empty and clean(ish)
  • Pick some pretty fabric or lacy material-I went with lace as I wanted to see the soil through it, and then thought they could also double up as pretty tea-light holders when the bulb was finished with
  • Roughly measure how much you need to go around your jar
  • Mix some PVA glue with roughly the same amount of water and and then use a paintbrush to paint the glue onto your fabric
  • Position the fabric as you want it, and then leave to dry
  • Once dry, the glue goes clear, and they look very pretty
  • Fill carefully with soil and your bulb, and you are done!



Except for adding a festive label and a Small Child homemade salt dough tag thing



I then got carried away, and made one in a mug for a friend

Hyacinth4and put the last two in this gorgeous glass jelly mould for us!


5 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts #1

  1. Well done you. Ive done these quite often in the past for the sisters in law and put them in shite cereal bowls (which Ive picked up from poundstretcher for next to nothing), they look great and smell divine.
    This year I attemped paperwhite daffodils, but they cam up way to fast and smelt dreadful, so I have to have a quick rethink. I have bought nice planters for them all, so have still used the planters, but just turned them into gift baskets instead, packing them with chocs, xmas candles, notepads and room scenters, wrapped in cellophane amd tied up with an Xmas decoration. Thanks heavens for plan B’s.
    Have a great Xmas honey, looking forward to more brilliant blogs from you in 2014. x

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