Make Something Month

Did you know it’s Make Something Month?
Well, you do now!

This is the inaugural Make Something Month, and it was launched in Totnes (home of the Transition network) at the end of November, and this is their Manifesto:
Manifesto for the New MaterialismThe idea is to get us to re-evaluate our relationship with ‘stuff’, to get us to “make, care for and re-imagine the things we already have”. With the aim that in doing so, we can reduce our resource use and personal debt, and increase our well-being.
Sounds like a fabulous Make Do and Mend philosophy to me 🙂

To encourage us all to take part they are suggesting three easy steps:

1.  Make one thing for yourself, one thing for a family member, one thing for a friend, one thing for someone you’ve never met.

2. Pass on the ‘Make Something Month’ challenge: encourage your friends, family and colleagues to make things too.

3. Share the New Materialism Manifesto(see above)

And ideally, don’t do it alone, the advice is to “plan a day long ‘Festival of Making’ where you live, invite friends over, start a knitting group, learn to work with metal, repair a chair, take your stitching to the pub, or just make something at home”


Needless to say, I LOVE THIS!!!!

Do check out the website, and also this great site, which was inspired by Make Something Month, and has some great projects on it, like this upcycled magazine wreath!


AND you can read more about it, and Ruth Potts, the brains behind the movement, and co-author of a booklet called The New Materialism, in Rob Hopkin’s latest post in his month long series on ‘Stuff’ on the Transition Network website.

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