Easy Peazy Lemon Squeazy

Last night, I made not one, but TWO different Christmas gifts, in the space of half an hour.
Now, that is my kind of Homemade Christmas!

I made Preserved Lemons, and some moisturiser bar things.
First up the preserved Lemons, and I will save the moisturiser bar things for tomorrow-don’t want you getting overexcited, especially at this time of year…

These are really the easiest, peasiest thing I have ever ever done. Mind you, I haven’t tried the end product yet, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too pleased with myself.
These were suggested by Lesley from Thrifty Lesley, and she has blogged about them here.

Basically, you take 2-3 lemons, 1 clean and sterilised jam jar, and 2 tablespoons of coarse sea salt.
Chop the lemons lengthways in half, and then chop each half into 3 lengthways.

Ram the six pieces from 1 lemon into the jar, squodging (technical term) them down, and then sprinkle on a tablespoon of salt. Repeat until all your lemon pieces and salt are gone.
Screw on lid.

Lemons2After a couple of days, top up the jar with lemon juice.

Told you it was easy.
If you want to be a bit fancy pants, you can add whole dried chillis and/or bay leaves to the mix.

My plan is to gift this with a pretty label tied around, saying what they are on, and what to do with them (since you ask, apparently you rinse off the salt, remove the pulp and then finely chop the lemon rind and add it to whatever you fancy-fish dishes, potatoes, anything I guess. Not sure if you could use them in baking-anyone ever tried?)

11 thoughts on “Easy Peazy Lemon Squeazy

  1. I have a really lovely Jamie recipe for chicken with preserved lemons but I only made it once as I couldn’t get hold of them. Now I know how to make them myself!! Thank you Jen

  2. What an excellent idea…lemons on stand-by. I always put an onion and half a lemon inside a chicken before cooking! Handfull of herbs and a couple of cloves of garlic aswell gives a wonderful flavour! Sue x

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