A Very Buttony Christmas

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had the pleasure of spending an evening crafting away at a Christmas Craft Evening my friend had organised last week, and my friend obviously shares my obsession with buttons!

When we got there, we were given a buttony gift tag to write our name on and tie onto a paper bag to fill with all our makes and take home.

These would make very cute gift tags for pressies!

These would make very cute gift tags for pressies!

Then we had the chance to make Button Magnets:

Button crafts1I’ve made these before, and they are super simple. You just need some craft magnets (I got mine here), some buttons and some superglue. It doesn’t show that well in the picture, but on some of them, I have glued 2 buttons on top of each other, which I hadn’t tried before, and I think they look pretty cool!
The little paper “Cute as a Button” print outs were already supplied, as was a little rectangle of magnetic card, which we stuck to the back, to keep the magnets in place and display them nicely.
These would make a fantastic gift, and are sooo easy and quick-I love ’em!

And then we made Button Cards too:

Button crafts3

My Christmas Bauble Button card!

We used special sticky dots to stick the buttons together, and then onto the card, but double sided tape, a glue gun, or super glue would work just as well. There were also some ready to use silver tapes to make the string of the baubles, but a silver pen would also work, or you could sew a line of thread down if you were feeling especially crafty.

Who doesn’t love buttons, especially at Christmas?!

2 thoughts on “A Very Buttony Christmas

  1. My friend was talking about button craft last night – things she’ll do over the Christmas break from our water polo training. I’ve sent her this post’s link – and it reminded me I have some floristry magnets at home, so I can offer them to her to save her $

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