And so, to bed…

You may remember me mentioning on numerous occasions, the fact that my bed wear had holes in it. Well, the holes got bigger and there started to be more hole than top, so I decided action was needed. And another sneaky bit of upcycling 🙂

I took this old top, that I bought to wear when I was pregnant, and is really a little on the large side, some pretty lace trim I picked up at a vintage fair, and a big pair of scissors…

Bed Top1

I hacked off the sleeves

Bed Top2

and then pinned the trim around the bottom, and sewed!

Bed Top31

Now I just need to make another one, so I’ve got something to wear when this one is in the wash 🙂

10 thoughts on “And so, to bed…

  1. that’s pretty. I don’t like wearing anything in bed, I feel restricted. Pyjama bottoms tie themselves in knots around my legs, tops seem to try to strangle me and nightdresses are even worse

  2. When I started to read your post I thought you meant bed sheets when you talked about “bed wear” and was then a little puzzled by the picture of the T shirt. All became clear as I read thru the rest of the post! Very good idea, well done for re-cycling and thriftiness.

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