A Cunning Upcycle…

Well, not really that Cunning.
And probably more of a ‘Re-Purpose’ than an Upcycle.
But, what the hey 🙂

We are in need of a new bath mat for our shower room.
And Hubby works next door to a carpet fitting business that have enormous skips full of carpet cuts off that, I assume, just go to landfill.
Now, you may be wondering why I am telling you these two random, fairly dull facts…


Bath Mat1

Our ‘new’, repuporsed, carpet sample Bath Mat 🙂

And there’s plenty more where that one came from…

Bath Mat2

12 thoughts on “A Cunning Upcycle…

  1. Ask at big small’s school if they want some, if they’re going free, I used loads when I taught early years. Drew numbers on them and did adding/taking away by jumping along them. Used them in PE as individual mats to work round etc. etc.
    Also good for sitting on individually if they’ve got wooden floors!
    Lots of carpet shops now charge you a £1 for them as they realised people might like them! Well done hubby a good spot!

  2. This is a good idea but we dont have bath or shower mats, I just use hand towels. they are certain ones which are now my floor towels and I wash them along with the rest of the towels and they work fine. Maybe this could be an option for some people.

  3. Excellent re-use idea there Jen. I used a couple of the sample mats a few years ago to line the Lego storage boxes (cardboard in my day) stopped the tiny pieces falling through the bottom. Sue xx

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