The Lego Party

BigSmall was FIVE this weekend.
And having somehow managed to have escaped the party ordeal for the last four years, we decided that we had to man up and Just Do It this year.

After much deliberation and a little gentle prodding by me (as I had seen some REALLY cool Lego stuff on Pinterest) it was decided that the theme was to be Lego.
We had the party at home, so kept it pretty small, and BigSmall had 6 friends over.
Although My Make Do and Mend Year has officially finished, we still managed a pretty good Make Do and Mend party-BigSmall’s presents were sourced from E-bay, and we managed to get away with Buying Nothing New-hurrah!

Here is what we had:

  • Lego invites-hubby took a photo of some of his BigSmall’s Lego Mini-figures and then PicMonkeyed it
  • PM LEGO INVITE1Lego games
    -Pass the Lego Brick-pass the parcel, but inside a Lego storage brick. In each layer there was a little lego man, and then I mamaged to find a whole heap of little packets of Lego that they give away in the Sun, at a charity shop for 50p each, and snaffled a load up, and used them as prizes
    -Build the highest lego tower (we used Duplo). They took it in turns and each had a minute and then highest tower won a little bag of Lego (see above)
    -Pin the head on the Lego Man
    Lego party12
    Hubby took yet another picture of one of his BigSmall’s mini-figures and got it blown up to A2 size and then carefully cut around it and mounted it on some card, with what I am assured are proportionally correct lego bricks as background…
  • Lego party bags
    Lego party03We got the kids to decorate the Lego heads first of all, and then spirited them away to fill them up.
    The font for the name labels was a free download from here (just scroll down the page a bit). I printed it out and then went round it with a yellow felt-tip (I am sure if you are more computer literate than me there must be a way of outlining it, but I couldn’t figure it out) and then stuck them onto red card
  • Lego Bunting

Lego party08

Lego party09

  • Lego biscuits-these were square (ish) biscuits, which I did my first ever attempt at piping on-I used Royal Icing, and made it up to the required colour (using pastes, not liquid food colouring), then piped around the edges, before adding more water until it was pretty sloppy, and then ‘flooding’ the inside. Then I added the appropriate colour M&Ms

Lego party10

  • Lego Cake

Lego party01

  • Lego chocolates for the party bags-I managed to get two moulds off E-bay, secondhand-one was bricks and one was little Lego men, and melted the chocolate and filled the moulds-simples!
I realise now, that this looks rather like some kind of Lego  field hospital...

I realise now, that this looks rather like some kind of Lego field hospital…

  • In the party bags, they had:
    bags of Lego chocs (I made little paper bags, like for the cookies I did a while ago),
    Lego party07Lego masks (downloaded from here and printed off), Lego stickers (downloaded from here, and printed on sticky paper),
    Lego party05
    Lego colouring books (again, downloaded and printed off, then cut up and strung together),
    Lego crayons (Lego brick mould, pack of 50p crayons from the car boot, oven at 80C-happy days),
    and a bag of the Lego from the charity shop

I was, if I’m honest, a little bit nervous about the whole thing, but it all seemed to go pretty well, and I think they had fun. BigSmall said it was “the best party ever” so what more could we want?!

If you need any more lego idea, I have a whole Lego Party Pinterest board, with even more stuff, from other people’s parties.

27 thoughts on “The Lego Party

  1. Not surprised he said it was best party ever, it sounds absolutely wonderful. What brilliant planning and execution by you and hubby! You’ve a lot to live up to now for future ones!

  2. What a brilliant theme and very well done – go you. The guy I work with turns 36 next week and is leggo mad! He wants the very expensive Delorean (from Back To The Futue) kit, so Ive bagged up some bits and OH is going to make a cardboard top calling it a ‘make it yourself -partwork kit’ reckon it will be good for a giggle. :o)

  3. Excellent work! I want a Lego birthday party now on my next one. I will be 34 😀

    I am trying to do a Halloween party in make do and mend style! Got some interesting craft ideas, inspiration for another blog if you needed one, hint hint 😀

  4. What a fab birthday party. Little lady’s party is this coming Saturday and we have made a lot of it ourselves too. Party bags are a nightmare but you did really well. No wonder BigSmall loved his party. Well done x

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