Easiest Ever No Sew Pirate Costume

What a weekend we have had.
It was BigSmall’s birthday, so we had a Lego Party Extravaganza (more on this to come, stay tuned…), but ALSO had a friend’s Pirate Party to go to as well.

All good pirate parties, need lots of little pirates, so we needed a pirate costume.

And if you need one too, it is EASY PEASY.

This is what you need:

  • One small boy or girl
  • An old pair of jeans (you may recognise these ones as the much patched pair I have blogged about several times-when the second knee went, I decided to retire them from active duty and they now live again as pirates trousers)


  • an old t-shirt (kiddy sized)



  • another t-shirt-preferably stripy, but if we hadn’t unearthed a stripy one, I was going to go with one of his white school polo shirts
  • a scarf to make a bandana
  • an eye patch-my mother in law found this one, but you could make one pretty easily
  • an old curtain ring and some elastic
  • scissors!

This is what you do:

  • Chop the legs off the jeans-I went with a ‘zig-zag motif’, but whatever you fancy
  • Chop the arm off your t-shirt, then cut up the middle of the front, so that it starts to look vaguely like a waistcoat. Then carefully cut off the neck band bit, and then ‘zig-zag’ the bottom if you so wish. Ta da-one waistcoat!
  • Use the scarf to make a bandana, apply the eye patch, and make an earring out of the curtain ring by tying a length of elastic around it and then hanging off small person’s ear


I also added a quick eyeliner beard before we went out.

This is BigSmall’s best “Ooo-ar me hearties” face…






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