Try Something New Tuesday

Waste Less, Live More week continues apace, with Try Something New Tuesday!



My Make Do and Mend Year definitely become more adventurous with the food I was cooking, and more open to trying new things.
I went to River Cottage for a Bread Making Day, and then made my own Sourdough Starter, and have been making bread with varying degrees of success ever since.
And recently, I made gnocchi (great one for using up leftover mashed potato) and also custard (ditto for using up egg yolks).
But today, in the manner of all things thrifty and Waste Not, Want Not, and thinking ahead for Christmas (arrrghhhhhh! Yes I really did just say the ‘C’ word), I am experimenting with….


I was aware of elderflowers, but am ashamed to admit that I only realised that there are also elderberries on the same tree a bit later in the year, a couple of months ago.
But now I am on a mission to track them all down and have spent several afternoons foraging happily with the Smalls for blackberries and elderberries. It is like a living, breathing Enid Blyton novel I tell you.



So now I have a stash of elderberries, and given that I am already pretty stocked up with jam, I thought I would try something new.

Elderberry Gin 🙂

Think sloe gin, but with elderberries.
I am reliably informed by Twitter (my source of all knowledge), that this is: a) a proper thing and not something I just made up; b) tasty; c) not poisonous.
So I am giving it a go.

After a quick spot of googling I came up with this recipe here from ShabbyChickMe, and duly trotted off to Lidl (other supermarkets are available) for a large bottle of cheap gin.

Elderberry Gin1


And 2 minutes of mixing later, I was done

Elderberry Gin2I am hoping this will be ready for Christmas.
And that it tastes nice.
And that my friends and family like elderberry gin.

I only had 400g elderberries, so I am on the look out for some more, otherwise everyone will be having a shot each…

So what are you going to try new today?!


15 thoughts on “Try Something New Tuesday

  1. We made elderberry wine a few years ago (following a River Cottage recipe – he gets everywhere!). We also made some blackberry wine at the same time which was far sweeter.

    • Not sure I am brave enough to try wine making Kathryn..!! This seems a much lazier way to do it-we will find out at Christmas if it tastes any good!

  2. Well I have found an apple and pear tree so been just eating them but I do sloe gin every year. This year I am also going to try elderberry gin as you have inspired me 😀

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