Waste Less, Live More

I’m back!


For a bit.

Long enough to tell you all about Waste Less, Live More Week anyway 🙂


Waste Less, Live More week is happening this coming week (16th-22nd September). It is organised by Waste Watch, which is part of the Keep Britain Tidy charity, and their tagline is “What’s good for the environment is good for us”, which sounds pretty good to me.

Here is a little video which helps to explain what they do:

This year, the theme for Waste Less, Live More week is Better Food for All,


encouraging us all to eat better, and waste less.

Food production accounts for a huge amount of the greenhouse gases emitted-think cows and gas to get a very simplistic idea of why.
And then top that off with the frightening statistic, that in the Western world, a third of all the food produced is thrown away without ever having reached a plate, you can see that this is a pretty big ‘thing’, and that by all making some really quite simple changes, and by being more aware of what we are buying, eating and throwing away, we could make a big difference.

By cutting food waste, we can help to reduce the environmental impact of food production, and also ensure that there is enough food to go around.

The food thrown away in Europe and North America would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world three times over.

I find that hugely shocking, and massively unfair. But at the same time it does give me hope. With a rapidly rising population, growing enough food for everyone is going to be a huge issue. But if we can all waste less, then we don’t actually need to produce any more. We can just use what we are already producing, but do it more responsibly.

If you want to get involved, then there are events happening up and down the country. You can see if there are any near you by checking out the events page here, and you can also take part in the Better Food for All Challenge,


which aims to help us re-connect with what we eat, Waste Less, and Live More.
Each day there is a different challenge:

  • Meat free Monday
  • Try Something New Tuesday
  • Waste Less Wednesday
  • Thrifty Thursday
  • Fruitful Friday
  • Share Something Saturday
  • Seasonal Sunday

On the website there are downloadable resources to help you, and information on how to enter their prize draw.
So what are you waiting for..?!

And to help, because I’m nice, and still like to think I can save the world one make/mend/meal at a time, I will tweet/link/blog some of my Waste Not, Want Not posts during the course of the week.
So stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Waste Less, Live More

  1. Lovely to see you back Jen even if only for a short while. Think might have to mix up the order of the days to fit in where to go Meat free! Hope you and the smalls are doing ok.

  2. Hi Jen, welcome back, I was getting withdrawal symptoms ….not having a ‘make do and mend’ blog to read each day! You need to carry on the good work you started, and persuade more to join in helping to save our planet.

  3. Love It Jen we should all try do do our bit as my Mum used to say ! “Meat Free Monday” is now 10 years old in the USA, I’ve been doing it for nearly 2 years now & my son (a real carnivore) agreed too now he’s back home with me. He even compliments my veggie meals :o)

    • Every little helps! I like Meat Free Monday. We have several meat free meals each week, not really through any active choice, more through what is in the fridge though!

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