Door stopper Challenge…

I’m sat watching the GBBO, and they are doing the Show Stopper Challenge. I had been struggling for inspiration for a title for this post about making a door stop, so the Door Stopper Challenge suddenly struck me as genius!

Back in the heady days of summer, when we had that really hot spell, we had all the doors open and had issues with doors slamming. We really could have done with some door stops and I should have made some at the time, but I didn’t.

So now the weather has started to take on a distinctly Autumnal feel, it is obviously a good time do it.

I decided I wanted to make use of BigSmall’s many pairs of trousers with large holes in the knees, having abandoned any pretence that I will actually get around to patching them before he grows out of them.


I cut off the un-holey leg, turned it inside out and sewed up one end, then the other, leaving a gap for turning out and filling. Then I duly turned it out and filled it with dry rice, and over-sewed the end.


It works pretty well, is quick to do and makes use of something that would otherwise go in the textile bin, so I am happy, and will try and make a stash ready for next summer, with high hopes of more long sunny days, and open doors!

12 thoughts on “Door stopper Challenge…

  1. What a great idea for some unwanted denim! I have a never ending supply of kids jeans with holes in them. I tried to fix some of them, but it didn’t last/ work very well. Now I give all my kids jeans with holes in them to the nursery my younger one goes to. They use them for messy play/ spare clothes.

    • I kept meaning to mend them, but he had to keep wearing them before I got round to patching them, and they inevitably got worse and worse…!

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