I made tomato ketchup.

It was not a resounding success.
An afternoon of chopping and simmering and stirring. A seemingly vast amount of veg.
And one, yes ONE, miserable little pot of not that great tasting ketchup.


I used  a recipe from the my current favourite cook book, Hungry? from the good folk at Innocent smoothies.

It tastes ok, but more BBQ than tomato ketchup, and is little more gelatinous than it should be.
But my main bug bear is the time taken vs the yield.
I was tempted to give up on ketchup making endeavours in some kind of tomato induced rage.
It is not as if it forms a significant part of our diet, so does it really matter if we buy a bottle of tomato ketchup once in a while?
No, it really doesn’t. Obviously.

But now I am determined to have another go.
I know that Hattie from Free Our Kids has made some previously, so I may give her recipe a try.
Anyone else tried and had more success than me? Care to share the recipe if so..?!

13 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. I made ketchup using Hugh Fearnley Whttingstall’s recipe (the link is First I got a shedload of tomatoes, then roasted them, then made passata, then used that to made ketchup. Whilst it was delicious, it took FOREVER, made a complete mess of the kitchen and I managed to turn 5kg of tomatoes into a few tiny bottles of ketchup. Maybe I’ll try again when I grow my own tomatoes again and have a massive glut (if that ever happens) but otherwise I think I can live without it!

  2. I’ve had the same experience with ketchup and have decided it’s not worth the palaver. I’m planning to try lacto-fermented ketchup this year, which should at least be less messy and hopefully will give a better return on the tomatoes…

    In the meantime I’ve persuaded the family that Lorraine Pascale’s Asian Chilli Jam is a very good substitute for ketchup (very easy to make, delicious and not necessarily hot).

    (I got a message to say my comment couldn’t be posted first of all, so I hope you don’t get 2 very similar replies!)

  3. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe in his jamie at home book, i made it a couple of yrs ago and it was gorgeous! You might find this book in your library, I can’t believe how many new cookery books are in mine! Mary Berry etc!

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