This is turning into a summer of jam.

No bad thing. And I MUCH prefer it to making chutney, which involves far too much chopping for my liking, and then you have to wait before you can eat it. I am not good at waiting.

So far, I have made:

Gooseberry jam, which I may have burned a teensy tiny bit
Gooseberry jam which I didn’t burn
Strawberry and rhubarb (or Strubarb) jam
Blackcurrant jam

And now….

Peach and redcurrant jam. (We went back to the PYO, hoping for more strawberries and rhubarb to make more Strubarb jam, but all there was was redcurrants and blackcurrants)
Courtesy of the lovely Nigella, and her How to be a Domestic Goddess book.
In the recipe she promises that is a soft-set jam, and says only to boil it until you have the merest hint of a wrinkle (if you have no idea what I am talking about, I refer you to my wonderful PicMonkey image thing I made for my previous jam posts), which I duly did.
And then potted it up, expecting it to have ‘solid-ed’ up by the morning.
It hadn’t.

Peach and redcurrant jam1


I toyed with the idea of just pretending it was compote and spooning it liberally on ice cream, but there were 8 pots of the stuff, and there is only so much ice cream one girl can eat.
So then I thought, “I wonder if I can just boil it up again?”
I posted the question on Twitter, but in true impatient style, neglected to wait for an answer before giving it a go (well I did say I don’t like waiting…)

It worked!

I tipped all eight jars back into the (clean) saucepan, and “boiled the hell out of it” for “a bit”. And then did the wrinkle test again and this time waited for a good solid wrinkle.
I washed all the jars out and re-sterilised them, and am pleased to report that now it looks significantly more jam like 🙂
And there are also three fewer jars (that is quite some boiling I did…)

Peach and redcurrant jam2


BigSmall and I have tried some, and no, it has not set solid…

8 thoughts on “Re-boiling…

  1. Thank you for the detailed instructions you provided. I too follow recipes to the letter by putting things in the oven “for a bit” and weighing out “so much” of things.

    Glad it set better after reboiling. You will be an expert at jam soon

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