Planetary Playdough

First off, apologies if you have neither kids, nor grandkids, as this post may bore you senseless.

OK. Summer holidays.

6 weeks and 3 days of time to fill.

I am afraid I am not one of the mummies who is beside herself with excitement at the prospect.
I love my kids, but there is no denying that the holidays can be a somewhat daunting proposition.
I am not good at just ‘hanging out’ with them, and even worse at playing cars or building lego.
I am aware I am painting a picture of myself as a v.bad mummy, but if you can’t be honest on the Internet in front of a potential audience of millions, where can you be..?

So I need some structure.

I decided to give BigSmall free rein to choose a topic he might like to centre our activities on for the next 6 weeks (and 3 days) and he chose….


I duly hit Pinterest and created a Space Crafts board

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 20.50.00

What else is a mum to do?
Actually, what did you do in the days before Pinterest. Or even in the days before Google and the Interweb superhighway?
Doesn’t bear thinking about.

So we have already made ‘paint smoosh’ suns,


and today we made planets, from playdough.
Homemade playdough, obviously. This being a year of Make Do and Mend.

There are, at the last count, approximately a 458 recipes out there for homemade play dough.
I used this one here, from Fairy Dust Teaching, and it passed muster with BigSmall, who is a harsh critic of these things.
If making your own playdough seems like a bit of a lame thing to do, then I would suggest you have never made your own playdough.
It is cheap.
It is pretty easy and you probably already have all of the ingredients (if not, keep googling different recipes until you find one that you do have all the ingredients for!).
You can make it as many different colours as you want.
You can add glitter, or bits of flower.
AND when it runs out/gets ground into your carpet/childs hair/clothes, you can just make some more 🙂

Having made the playdough, the Smalls were then let loose making Planets.
It kept both of them happy for at least half an hour, and would have been longer if pesky tea had not been ready and the table needed clearing.

Yes, if you look closely, he does have the remains of a moustache... He was face painted as a Tudor with a beard and a plague scar. Not by me...

Yes, if you look closely, he does have the remains of a moustache… He was face painted as a Tudor with a beard and a plague scar. Not by me…


The planets! Hubby was disappointed they weren't really astronomically correct and weren't to scale.  Told him he could do it next time...

The planets!
Hubby was disappointed they weren’t really astronomically correct and weren’t to scale.
Told him he could do it next time…

Half an hour of happily playing children is priceless.
And this playdough is pretty much free.
Happy days! (How many left now..?)

8 thoughts on “Planetary Playdough

  1. Can only say, well done so far. I’m afraid I never really had problems about filling holidays. In part because my children seemed to have friends coming out of their ears(if you know what I mean) and said friends had mums who got on well too. All but the most necessary cleaning was abandoned so we could do things! Up to the park with a picnic for the day, outdoor swimming pool – I cycled there with v small person strapped to my front and toddler in a seat on the back!- again with a picnic! Cooking pizzas the kids love making the dough, it’s like play dough fun but you can eat it! We made tents in the garden and played at camping out. It does help to have the friends because they increase the dimensions of play. Have the smalls been on a bus or train if they havent even the shortest journey can be fun.I loved the holidays, children grow so quickly you need to make the most of these times else they’ll be gone before you realise.

  2. With a fishing net & a plastic container pond dipping or paddling in rock pools (if you’re lucky enough to be beside the sea) can keep smalls happy for … well however long you can make it last ! Search for mini monsters (Space monsters?) with pocket sized book to identify the finds in hand & make a list of the treasure you find ! Even just a garden bug hunt if you can’t go far … then draw, paint or make from playdough some monsters from your own inner space !

    • BigSmall loves bug hunts-we will be doing plenty of these! Planning on painting some gravel gold and hiding it outside for him to go gold mining for too!

  3. In some ways I miss my 3 being that young, but on the other hand I can now send them off on their bikes to play football or call on friends… Though the eldest now wants to be taken to the local town or friends houses who live miles away now…

    • I could never understand why my parent’s use to complain about having to spend their whole time ferrying us around-guess I will get it soon..!!

  4. Before Pinterest (my eldest is 37!), we used a piece of wallpaper (as big as you like) & stuck pictures cut from magazines onto it, or things we found on walks etc. A sort of hardcopy Pinterest board, if you like

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