Sweet stuff

I was at my parent’s house recently and saw a jar of sweets that my brother had sent my mum as a Get Well present, and it looked really great, crammed full of sugary goodness.

So I decided to steal the idea.

I think my brother must have ordered his jar online (it came with a very professional label, and whilst I am not doubting my brother’s label making abilities, I don’t think he made it…) but I decided to come up with my very own Make Do and Mend version…

I filled an empty kilner jar with whatever was cheap in Lidl  all the recipient’s favourite sweets, et voila!

PMSweet stuff1

In an ironic twist of whatever, I am actually sending this jar to my brother and his wife (will they see the irony? Let’s hope so.) and I know they are partial to the odd Nik-Nak or two as well, so I partnered this jar up with a few packets of the knobbly snack,

Sweet stuff3

and packaged them all up to post.

I hope it will make them smile 🙂

PS. Now I am on a roll-I envisage jam jars filled with maltesers, alternating layers of white and milk chocolate buttons, and anything else I can fit into a jar…

17 thoughts on “Sweet stuff

  1. I did idea to give to my nephew and son last christmas, they loved them…also i did one for my mother filled with shrimps sweets (her fav) went down a treat, lovely idea with not alot of effect 🙂

  2. Love this – have seen cake/ cookie mixtures layered up to with instructions on label e.g. Just add an egg…. Might try some of these out for Christmas.

    • This is WAY easier! And involves even less effort on the recipient’s part too! Can’t understand why I hadn’t thought of this earlier!

  3. A great idea for little boys is to get chocolate sprinkles (think humdreds and thousands type stuff for cake decorating) and put this in a jar with gummy worms – and call it worms in mud. I saw this idea in a great book I once had about making pressies in jars. :o)

  4. There is a book on kindle I bought which was titled something like 47 gifts in jars, was things like the ingredients to cakes layered up attractively to even non edible things well worth a read 🙂 Not that I have read it yet. I do love a kilner jar though, an empty one as a present would make me happy 😀

    • Kiwi-Jo mentioned a book about presents in jars-will have to try and track it down. I agree, I also have a bit of kilner jar ‘thing’ going on!

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