A small extravagance….

Hubby was dispatched to the butcher’s at the weekend, with 2 Small boys, and a very specific list: chicken pieces, mince, sausages, bacon and eggs (most of this will go in the freezer I hasten to add. This is not just a week’s worth of butchery shopping…)

He came back with : 2 Small boys (phew!), chicken pieces, mince, sausages, bacon, eggs and these…


I was tempted to reprimand him for such extravagance, but then I remembered: a) I like steak; b) If I go shopping, chocolate often jumps unbidden into my trolley, so it would be a little contrary to complain…

So we fobbed the Smalls off with scrambled eggs on toast (mean parents) and packed them off to bed.

And then tucked into this…


Yum 🙂

And all for less than the cost of a takeaway, and not really very much effort. Happy Days!

4 thoughts on “A small extravagance….

  1. 1) The smalls would not have appreciated it
    2) Red meat is good for you in moderation
    3) You’ve got to eat something

  2. As a rule i try to stay veggie but I would find it hard to resist a bit of prime steak well cooked once in a while in preference to the junk served as takeaway meals. No guilt its adult food not suitable for smalls hope you lit the candles too !

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