A Screen Free WEEK…

I blogged ages ago, about Screen Free Sundays, and how wonderful it was, and very smugly suggested that it would be great if we all switched off one day a week.

I managed one.
The one that I blogged about.

We are going away for a week soon, and although I will schedule blog posts, I am not going to be online for a week.
That sentence makes me feel simultaneously a bit twitchy and hugely relieved.

The blog has taken over my life (my own fault, I know).
And I am increasingly aware of how much time it is taking away from my gorgeous boys and my amazing husband.
I need to give them (and myself) some proper time, where it all just stops.
So while we are away, I am going cold turkey (eeekk!)

I love the blog, I love you all, I love Twitter, and am more than a little addicted, I love Pinterest, and Facebook (well, maybe Facebook slightly less, but you get the picture) and the fact that you all seem to like to read my daily musings.
But for a whole week, SEVEN whole days, I will be incommunicado. 
Why is that such a scary thought..?

Anyway, I will be back, refreshed and ready for the last couple of months of My Make Do and Mend Year, and ready to take on the world 🙂

We went to the beach...

17 thoughts on “A Screen Free WEEK…

  1. Enjoy your holiday 🙂 I know what you mean I think I ‘burned out’ a bit with my book blog and it has taken more of a back seat this year. Now I am feeling ready to crank up the reviews again. Hope you feel refreshed soon!

  2. Enjoy your holiday… but before you go if you have a mo would you ‘like’ and share my face book page. 🙂 jaynefranks dyslexic writer. I am a newbee to face book.

  3. Have a lovely time. I find if I’m at home and the computer’s there I feel the need to just go and check something, and then I’ll just see if there’s another comment or another post…and it goes on. When I’m away and there’s no signal or no computer (my phone’s not that smart) then it doesn’t bother me. The change of routine helps too, I suppose.

    Have fun!

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