Back on track…

I blogged yesterday about how I think that the blog and in fact I, have gone off track a bit lately, and how I want to get back to Making Do and Mending.

So I have come up with a list of things I still want to have a go at before the year is up:

  • Patching BigSmall’s trousers. The poor boy has one pair of trousers that don’t have a hole in the left knee. Every week I promise him faithfully I will fix them. And I don’t. I end up doing other stuff instead. Bad Mummy
  • Fixing the Lovely Hubby’s swimming shorts-the elastic in the waistband has ‘gone’ so I have been trying to attach some more and they have been half done for about the last 2 months. Bad Wife
  • Making a bag from a pair of jeans-the bits are cut and pinned-I just need to get on and finish it…
  • My ‘Rubbish’ crochet bag-made from things like T-shirt yarn, plastic bag yarn, and video tape. This is another project that is sat half-done on the coffee table silently berating me everytime I walk past it!
  • I have three friends who have had babies in the last month, and I NEED to make them all something, before the babies reach their first birthdays…
  • A screen free WEEK!!! Blog post on this to come…
  • Making the best use of all the wonderful British seasonal goodies. Expect some more recipes!
  • In my Making Do blog post I confessed to pants and vest tops with holes in them-I really fancy having a go at making pants, and maybe even some new vest top/PJ things
  • Making the Smalls and hubby a pair of shorts each, before the summer is over
  • Writing the book-I REALLY need to get on and write the book…

So that’s a pretty good list to get started with!

Let me know if there’s anything else you want to see 🙂

7 thoughts on “Back on track…

  1. I think an evening with a cuppa or glass of much deserved wine should be all you need for the patching up tasks, i reckon switch off the telly too, put the radio on and you can fully concentrate on the mending tasks. As for the book, one that inspired me a few years ago was called How i lived on a pound a day for a year.

  2. Looking at similar blogs that have turned into books my feeling is that
    a) you should keep on with the make do and mend project – experimenting and sharing – and only when that’s finished deal with how the book will work (see zerowastehome blog to book by bea johnson for instance)
    b) you can convert lots of your ideas about how to make do and mend to an ebook quite easily once you have the order sorted appropriate to the audience!
    c) But as your reader says sitting down with a nice cuppa or a glass of wine has plenty of appeal too! Nicola

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