Off track…

I feel a bit like the blog and possibly even My Make Do and Mend Year has gone a little off track lately.

I have been invited to do lots of things and go to lots of things, which inevitably I have then blogged about, but they probably don’t really make for very interesting reading.
And there has been very little time for actually doing the Making and the Making Do and the Mending (and spending time with my family, cleaning my house etc)  that I am supposed to be doing and blogging about.

It has been a slightly crazy month, with 2 trips up to London for the Observer Ethical Awards, and the BritMums BiBs, and speaking at TEDx.
To be honest, it’s all been a bit much. Along with everything else that is going on, all the things that I am doing for Make It Better, and my other hats I wear doing other totally non-related things, I am feeling overwhelmed, and a bit lost.

I have spent a lot of time gallivanting around the country, and spending time away from my family. And I guess I am just starting to question why.

It has been hugely flattering and I have been very honoured to do all these things, but it’s left me feeling really strange, and really unsure about some pretty fundamental things.

It is time, for me, for the blog, to hunker down and get ‘back to basics’.

I need to take some time to just stop (as much as I can..) and take stock, and re-group.

I need to make the time to get back to the essence of My Make Do and Mend Year. To actually spend some time, at home, practising what I preach.

Thankyou all for sticking with it, when the blog has possibly morphed into something different.

For the rest of the year, it will be full steam ahead with Make Do and Mend 🙂

18 thoughts on “Off track…

  1. Getting out there in the big wide world gives you ideas and experiences to mull over and re-live while you’re making do and mending.
    Sounds like best of both worlds to me. You can always retreat and re-group for a while (it sounds like that’s your plan) and then go out again and sock it to a few more peeps! Let’s banish guilt – it doesn’t have to be a woman’s lot.
    You’re doing great…..

  2. no way, your being too hard on yourself, your voice and ideas have struck such a chord with all kinds of people and inspired tons i reckon, I for one think your ace and am willing to continue to support you with tweets and retweets and checking out your blog, just make sure you dont tire yourself out….. I started a blog called skintednotminted but havent put anything on it for ages, its about bargains, todays bargain was an innocent smoothy for 40p instead of 1.89, it was strawberies and bannas but not so innocent after I had put a measure of vodka in it…….. 🙂 sleep well your doing a great thing

  3. We are really excited to here about how successful the blog has become and the cool things you get to do as a result. We like feeling like we are on the journey with you, it’s fun! But yes, I see your point that the actual doing & mending takes time so you have to make the time, for that and your family as they are the most important things :0)

  4. Jen, I think you’re right on track. My feeling is that a blog is a journey and it’s great that you’ve had the opportunity to wander different paths for a while before coming back to your main ‘road’, if you know what I mean. It’s so important to do these things to gain perspective, and to remember why you committed to writing the blog in the first place, and to come back re-inspired. Don’t feel guilty! Sounds like your motivation is renewed and I’m sure everyone will benefit as a result! : )

    • It is definitely a journey, and I think sometimes I get a bit too hung up on the destination rather than just enjoying the ride! Thankyou for your kind words 🙂

  5. Variety is the spice of life so they say, your blog is all the more interesting with all the colourful details. Love your honesty exposing self doubts but really your family will be all the richer for the stories you will tell them of your experiences. Balancing so many things at the same time is never easy so enjoy the simple things with no regrets as Edith Piaf once sang !

  6. As with the other commentators I think you are being very hard on yourself. I had loads of ideas and dreams of things that I wanted to do this year (like make a few of my own clothes as inspired by your campaign) but I have found that my attention and time has been overtaken by other (seemingly more pressing) things. I don’t write enough Posts for my own Blog (I also do a Guest blog) and marvel at those that manage to Post two or three times a week and so I feel guilty/lazy when I sometimes can only manage one a fortnight. However, for what it is worth, a busy person will always be busy even when there is nothing to be done – life has too many things to offer to let it all go by unexplored but sometimes its good to not try to do everything!

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