Making Do

Making Do. Poor old Making Do. Very much the poor relation to the more glamorous Making or the cooler Mending.

Making Do has been somewhat neglected in the blog, but not in My Make Do and Mend Year itself.
It’s just that it’s not really that exciting to talk about Making Do.
It is often just “stuff we haven’t bought that we otherwise might have done” which isn’t that catchy really is it?

So here we have a little homage to the Making Do that has been going on behind the scenes chez Make Do and Mend:

  • SmallSmall’s gro-bag. I posted about this on Facebook way back at the beginning of the year. As with most things SmallSmall owns, it was originally BigSmalls. And BigSmall was often in need of an emergency banana in the mornings when he was littler and I was trying to wean him off breast-feeding. Bananas, small children, and white clothes do NOT mix. This is the result…

This is AFTER washing and attempts at stain removal-honest!!

I decided that as it was still perfectly functional, and we were the only ones likely to see SmallSmall in his gro-bag, then Making Do was not really all that much of a hardship in this case. Not sure we will be able to sell it on though….

  • My boots (oh no, she’s talking about the boots again…). None of them are quite what I really really want, but when the other option is no boots at all, suddenly the not quite right ones seem pretty good!
This is first attempt monkeying about with PicMonkey-what do you think!

This is first attempt monkeying about with PicMonkey-what do you think!

  • My underwear-I know it is within The Rules that we set ourselves to buy new underwear, but I feel like I’ve come this far wearing an old maternity/nursing bra from a year ago, and pants with holes in, so I might as well tough it out for the next 3 months!
  • Hubby’s clothes. Poor hubby has literally bought NO new clothes for the whole of the year. I say poor hubby like he really needs new clothes. He doesn’t. He has plenty. But he does like a good browse in the Sales.
  • The washing basket. The symbol of My Make Do and Mend Year. It has been repaired to within an inch of it’s life and it will Make Do until the end of the year if it kills us!

Washing basket61

  • My ‘nightime attire’. Nothing dodgy. I have some vest tops that I wear in bed with/without PJs (is this too much information to be giving away..??!) depending on the weather (it is all non-stop glamour here) and they too have holes in now. But they are still functional at the moment, and I have seen a great how-to for making some new ones out of old t-shirts so I will give this a go ASAP and bore you all rigid with it at some point…
  • I haven’t bought any new magazines and have instead tried to remember to take my book with me for any odd train journeys etc (you know when you go and buy yourself a drink and a magazine to read on the journey?). I thought this is what I would miss most, but I really haven’t.
  • With the warmer weather this week, I have realised that my wardrobe is sadly lacking  in t-shirts, but I do have a bag stuffed dull of long-sleeved ones awaiting upcycling, so I really should get on with this.

So there we have it. A few of our Making Dos.

I did say that Making Do wasn’t very exciting..!

21 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. I am a fairly new follower- having been introduced by my cousins wife, so have just caught the end of your year.
    Reading through your blog I can really say that you are inspiring me to have a go in a small way by using what I have and upcycling clothes etc. There are loads of things that I don’t use so I am determined to create them into something sensational! Thank you for the inspiration, and good luck with the rest of your year….and the book! 🙂

  2. My wardrobe is all about making do, because I just hate shopping! On the upside, I have worked out numerous permutations and combinations for all the clothes I do have, and my goodness, each piece works very hard!
    This is such an important part of the whole environmental 4 Rs process – re-use means no new materials at all. So when you are wearing your holey vests, you are really being an Environmental Goddess!

    • I don’t think I will go back to buying new ‘new’ clothes. There are so many possibilities with pre-loved 🙂
      I will tell hubby I am an environmental Goddess next time he comments on my holey vests!!

  3. Making do….yes the very uncool brother of making and mending. Well done on coming this far with making do though. However, please please go and buy yourself a new bra. Your maternity/nursing one probably isn’t the right size for you anymore and I’m not just talking about comfort, a new bra will give you better posture and less back ache. A well fitting bra is actually better for your health. So please treat yourself to some new underwear x

  4. Making do is probably the thing the advertising industry most wants us to *not* do, so they work very hard to ensure we feel we can’t possibly make do with that old sofa/TV/dining table at Christmas (Granny won’t enjoy herself if she has to squish round the table that’s perfectly fine the rest of the year) etc.
    So well done for ‘sticking it to the man’ and making do. And telling us about it 🙂

    • Yes, we are all told that our lives are not complete without a new…. Kind of a sad reflection on our society I guess 😦

  5. I loathe spending money on clothes and have 3 pr of trousers and about 7 tops that I wear, these also double as ‘going out’ clothes (we dont go out much!). Home clothes consist of about 4 pr trousers, 1 pr jeans, 2 pr cut down leggings made into ‘long’ shorts, and about a dozen tops/cardi’s/sweatshirts. I get 2 pks of undies in the Matalan sale every January (about £2-4 a pack) and thats my quota for the year. Having said that I am an akward size and with budget tightening can always find better things to spend my money on! Fashionist I aint.
    OH usually gets t-shirts, undies and sox for birthdays and xmas (he has loads more clothes than me – approx 80 tshirts at last count) but I will wear something to death, so I am a huge fan of your ‘making do’. I dont quite understand why people need so many clothes anyway! :o)

    • It’s still perfectly functional so would be better than nothing for someone with nothing, but I bet I won’t even be able to GIVE it away

      • Maybe if you tried dying it, but yeah, no sure there’ll be a lot of takers. No everyone is ‘making do’, even those who might think they are *based on money struggles*, buy new sometimes too.

  6. So do you think after this project you’ve spend differently? I was just thinking about the plastic laundry basket. Would you be inclined to a) buy a secondhand one or b) get a wicker one that could be composted once it breaks?

    • We certainly won’t go back to our old ways when the project finishes and will give all our future purchases much more thought. If the washing basket doesn’t make it, then I think we’ll probably just make do with something we already have 🙂

  7. Great post Jen. Your making do items are virtually the same as mine! I try very hard to not needlessly buy new stuff and we do have a tendency to make do with things until they completely disintegrate! It’s usually someone else that will say to me “are you still using that?” Then I’ll realise how broken something is. For me it’s holes in underwear / socks; baggy / stretched (too small in children’s case) pjs; and a rapidly breaking down clothes basket.

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