BIG decision alert…

I’ve made a BIG decision…

I am going to write My Make Do and Mend Year, the book!
(Undoubetedly Hollywood will then be knocking on the door, for My Make Do and Mend Year, the movie, but one step at a time…)

There, I’ve said it, it’s out there, I have to do it now.

I want to collate all the blog posts and create “The Modern Girls Guide to The Good Life”, following a year of Make Do and Mend from January to December, with lots of how-to’s and makes and upcycles, and waste not want nots, present ideas, the odd recipe, and of course the odd rant, it wouldn’t be mine without the odd rant…
I have been mulling it over for a while now. I think it would make a most excellent book (obviously) and I’ve decided I’m going to do it. And what better way to make myself do it than to announce to everyone that I am. I always find that if I have an idea, once it is verbalised it becomes more ‘real’ (and you look like a bit of an idiot if you don’t then do it, and there is no greater incentive for doing something than NOT wanting to look like an idiot..)
So there we are. It is ‘real’ I WILL be a published author.

I have no idea about publishing or how to approach publishers, so I am going to self-publish it (although if anyone knows of any nice tame publishers who might like an instant best-seller on their hands, please feel free to make the appropriate introductions…) and I haven’t really thought much further than that really. The book in my head is A-MAY-ZING. If the book that comes out of my head is even half as good, it will be on the Christmas best-seller lists…

Just thought you (all) should be the first to know πŸ™‚

PS. I suspect Kirstie Allsop is now a little bit worried about herΒ Queen of Craft and All Things Cool and Thrifty title…

40 thoughts on “BIG decision alert…

  1. That’s fantastic! I was wondering if you would want to do that, but didn’t wan’t to put you on the spot by suggesting it. I really like your writing style and humour and I can relate to it so much better than Kirsty Alsop!

  2. You’ll beat Kirstie Allsop hands down as you’ve done it all yourself! Well done for making the decision and I know it wil be a BIG success. Good luck x

  3. are you going to britmums? There’s a “pitch your book” session – but you have to book your slot on it

    • Arrggghh!! I wasn’t going to go as I have to work on the Saturday, but then the blog got through to the final so I am going to the Awards ceremony on the Fri night and thought it would make sense to try and go for the whole of Friday (which would include the book pitch) but now I can’t get a ticket 😦

  4. What a fantastic way Jen to celebrate your year of make do and mend. I can now tell friends that I know someone famous! I tried the tee shirt upcycle once, but ended up with wonky sleeves, which I kept trimming till it resembled a vest top…oops!

    • Nothing wrong with a t-shirt vest top Sue, nothing at all. It’s all about wonk. Also, I think asymmetric sleeves look very chic..!

  5. Evening Jen, what a great idea to round off your year. Hope you’ll find it easy to write and we’ll all be waiting to buy a copy!

  6. Sounds like a brilliant idea, maybe get in touch with someone like Homemaker magazine, maybe if you could do an article that would get your name out even more? Hope it goes well, let me know if you need contributors!!! Sarah x

    • I’ve tried a few magazines in the past but no takers so far. Maybe time to try again? Thanks for your support! Will definitely give you a shout if I decide I need some outside input πŸ™‚

  7. Sounds fabulous! I wish you all the luck with the writing, I’m definitely interested in the finished article.

  8. Excellent idea Jen. Its a very ‘now’ subject and I reckon more than one publisher will want to work with you. You could try contacting some and including a link to the blog so they can get a taster for themselves. Good Luck. :o)

  9. V exciting to hear about the book. A friend and I self published a couple of children’s guidebooks a few years ago if you need any help. Best wishes Kathryn x

    Jun 7, 2013 07:01:51 PM, wrote: >

    Jen posted: “I’ve made a BIG decision…

    I am going to write My Make Do and Mend Year, the book! (Undoubetedly Hollywood will then be knocking on the door, for My Make Do and Mend Year, the movie, but one step at a time…)

    There, I’ve said it, it’s out there, “

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