Those of you with children, will be well aware that it is half-term this week. And it has started raining. Again.

So I thought I would share a quick and easy kid’s craft that we made earlier on this week at our Make It Better Mini-Swish and Socktopus making workshop with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. It might help to while away twenty minutes an hour or two..

This was the original image I saw on Pinterest..


Socktopuses! Or should that be socktopi? Either way, it’s an octopus, made out of a sock. Pretty cool huh..?!

And this is what BigSmall and I made….


Not quite as cute, but still definitely an octopus made out of a sock..!

If you want to give it a go…

This is what you need:

  • an old sock
  • something to stuff it with-shredded paper, old plastic bags, fabric or wool scraps
  • some ribbon to tie around his ‘neck’
  • wool to make a smile. You can also sew on hair as well
  • Buttons or googly eyes

This is what you do:

  • First off sew on your smile
  • Then stuff you Socktopus with your stuffing until he is as fat/long as you want him to be
  • Tie off the ‘body’ with a ribbon or some wool
  • Then fashion some eyes-I sewed on some buttons with BigSmall but at the workshop we just used Copydex glue to stick on flat backed buttons or googly eyes, and this worked well, and is easier for the kids to do
  • You can also sew on some hair, and a hanging tie thing at the top
  • Cut up the dangly bit of the sock into the appropriate number of tentacles (technically 8, but did you know that if an octopus is hungry and can’t find anything to eat, it can eat it’s own arm? It must be true, I read it at Longleat..)

Ta da!

socktpous finished1



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