Make Do and Mend Silver Polish-Take 2…

After the rather disappointing outcome of Make Do and Mend Silver Polish-Take 1-Tomato Ketchup, I am embarking on Take 2…

Thankyou to everyone who left comments on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter with vastly superior methods of homemade silver polish 🙂

The two most popular methods suggested were:

  • Toothpaste-rub it on, and polish
  • Foil, bicarb and hot water-put some foil in a plastic tub with the some hot water and some bicarb and your silver. Let it all fizz and do it’s science’y thing.

Given that I have two ears, and therefore two earrings, I thought I would be a bit geeky and try one method per earring, and then compare and contrast (I think I may need to get out more…)

Here goes:

  • Toothpaste
    Materials: 1 tarnished silver earring; Boot’s Smile toothpaste (or similar-other toothpastes are available); flannel/piece of tissue
    Method: Apply ‘blob’ of toothpaste to earring,
    silver polish2
    rub with flannel to remove tarnish, admire
    silver polish3Results: Brilliant!
  • Bicarb, foil and water
    Materials: 1 tarnished silver earring, plastic pot, hot water, bicarbonate of soda, scraps of foil
    Method: Place earring, a couple of foil scraps, a ‘shake’ of bicarb, in the plastic pot
    silver polish1Add hot water, shake and stir, examine earring, think that nothing is happening so add more bicarb and repeat the shaking and stirring, examine earring again, mutter about rubbish methods and stomp upstairs for a shower, come back down and re-examine earring, squeal in delight
    Results: Brilliant!

So I can scientifically conclude that both of these methods work very well.

My super shiny non-tarnished earrings, complete with Small person's shades and car backdrop

My super shiny non-tarnished earrings, complete with Small person’s shades and car backdrop

I will probably stick with the toothpaste for my teeny tiny earrings, but if I had vast amounts of silver to polish, then I would go with the foil and bicarb method.

Hurray for blogging and lovely readers who leave brilliant tips that actually work 🙂

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