The People’s Design Lab

Have you come across The People’s Design Lab yet?

People's Design Lab

I was introduced to it by a fabulous lady called Katy Anderson, who I met at the screening of Trashed and is working with Karen Cannard on the Rubbish Diet. She works for a company called cwm harry, who amongst many other things, are helping a community in Wales work towards Zero Waste, and they now recycle an amazing 75% of their waste. But they were all left feeling frustrated at the remaining 25% that couldn’t be recycled, and so they set up the Museum of Bad Design to research and campaign for better design.

And from this, The People’s Design Lab was born:

“The Lab is a place where we can come together and help design change. A laboratory, run by ordinary folk, experimenting with design.  It’s a place for people who care about recycling and reuse to talk to the industries who create “stuff” in the first place and to say “look, we’re doing our bit, what about you?”
We need solutions for the products that are left  after we’ve recycled, composted, reused and repaired.  That’s why we’re bringing together a new design team of professional designers, manufacturers, students, fixperts and us ordinary folk who are just frustrated by what ends up in our bins.  Together, we are The People’s Design Lab.”

How fantastic is that?

And now they want everyone else to get involved too!
They are asking you/me/us to nominate products that can’t be recycled, re-used or repaired for a People’s Design Lab Award and then they will be redesigned over the summer. They are also asking for nominations for the best existing Zero Waste design.
Nominations for a re-design so far include, polystyrene packaging on food, and pre-peeled, pre-packaged bananas! Did you even know such a thing existed?! Well apparently it does, and you can browse other popular nominations and cast your votes here.

The closing date for nominations is the 27th May, and then there will be a public vote. What a great opportunity to get involved, and make a change!

I’m off to nominate right now 🙂


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