Dear Dave…

After the excitement of My Make Do and Mend Year’s first ever giveaway, and announcing the Winners and their wonderful messages, I thought it was only fair that I share with you MY Message in a Bottle.

I decided to cut out the middle man of my MP, and go straight to the top. I decided to write the Rt. Hon Mr D.Cameron PM, and will send it in my very own personalised Ecover bottle!

Ecover message1

I am under no illusions that the Big Cheese himself will actually read the letter. No doubt it will be read by one of his many minions helpers, who will then cut and paste some government eco-babble, and quote several long winded documents and policies that prove what a wonderful job this government is doing for the environment.
Just a quick note to say I feel a bit like I am government bashing at the moment, and I not really a very political person. I don’t really care whether the current government is a Coalition/Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem (they all seem much of a muchness these days anyway, as they are all so scared to actually make any big decisions) I just care whether they are not they have the balls to make a stand and do the right thing as far as the future of our planet is concerned. Here endeth my non-party political broadcast…

And here beginneth my rant message:

Dear Mr Cameron

 I am writing to you to express my heartfelt concerns about our planet and the environment and the way your government deals with environmental issues.

 I am scared Mr Cameron. Very very scared.

I am not an environmental scientist, but anyone can see that our planet is at a tipping point. Climate change is a reality. It is happening. We cannot stop it. BUT we can take action to slow it down and to minimise the impact it will have on our lives and on those of our children.

 As I have said, I am not an environmental scientist, but I am a mother, and I don’t want my children to turn around to me in 30, or 40, or 50 years time, and ask me why our generation didn’t see it coming.

 My children, all our children, are going to be looking to us when they are grown, and asking us this, and other very difficult questions about the legacy we have left them.

 As a family, we are trying to do everything that we can.
But we are just one family.
The changes I make as an individual, and that we make as a family, will not be enough. I can shout about it and try and educate others to do the same thing, and if everyone did, then it could have an impact.
But climate change is a HUGE all-encompassing issue, and it needs each and every one of us to be doing everything that we can. Individuals, businesses, councils, and governments.

 There aren’t many people, who as individuals have the power to make decisions and make things happen that can actually have an impact on these issues.
You are one of those people. 

YOU as the Prime-Minister of this country, have the power to make a real difference.

 What will you say to your children when they ask you in 30 years time what you did about climate change?

“Why you didn’t do more to stop it, when you were PM?

Why you didn’t invest more heavily in renewable energy?

Why you supported fracking?

Why didn’t you take the very easy step of placing a levy on plastic bags? One very simple, very easy step, that could have had a BIG effect.

Why didn’t you champion a Green Economy?

Why did the UK government vote against the restrictions on the use of neonicotinoids that could be killing our bees?

Why did you allow your Education Secretary to cut Climate Change from the curriculum. Did you not think we deserved to know what you were doing to OUR planet?”

“Why could you not see that Climate Change was THE most important issue of your time in government? “

 “Why Dad, when you were PM, did you not do more to save the world?”

 Every child thinks their father is a super-hero.

 You actually could be.

 The UK should be at the forefront of a charge to save the planet and slow down climate change.
We should be thinking big, and aiming to be the first zero-waste country, the first carbon neutral country.

 You could make this happen.

 Stand up and be counted Mr Cameron. you have an amazing opportunity here to really make decisions that matter. To make decisions that, without wanting to sound melodramatic, could actually save the world.


 Yours sincerely

 Jen Gale
My Make Do and Mend Year

PS. You may be wondering why this letter arrived in a bottle of Ecover washing up liquid.
It is a Message in a Bottle. My message to you, containted within the bottle, AND Ecover’s very own Message in a Bottle about closing the loop on plastics recycling.

It’s a bit long I know. But what do you think? Am I going to be invited up to No. 10 for tea and cake anytime soon..?!

26 thoughts on “Dear Dave…

  1. I love that you are sending this in a Ecover bottle 😀 I’m sure he’ll read it, I like to imagine Dave reads all his fan mail ;o) (ps found your blog via The Polished Button x )

  2. Go you! Great blog post, have u seen “age of stupid” that is a very good film…thought provoking 🙂

  3. Oh I do hope so. You deserve to get that invite and please don’t feel you are ranting. My friends are always laughing at me going on ‘eco issues’ but it’s only people like us that are going to make things change. You are right. We can all do our little bit but he really can make a difference. Let’s home that invite arrives soon.
    Well done you.
    Big green pat on the back from @afieldsomewhere!

  4. I’m totally on board with your message. I wouldn’t read this blog daily otherwise.

    But I’ve answered those questions to myself (and it’s not like I assume you don’t know them too
    – Renewables are too expensive. None offer a realistic alternative to cover base load (my electrical engineering thesis was on renewables)
    – Governments have finite money.
    – Governments are constrained by big business and their political sway by donations and kick backs. If a big grocery chain (as an example) can destabilise a government’s funding source then inaction is the govt’s chosen path.
    – Governments are populists. They’ll only do what will be largely supported in the hopes of another term.
    In light of all this, so many climate saving changes seem a long way off. Things I think might be implementable (based largely on what has had success elsewhere)
    – Plastic bag surcharge (or just don’t offer them at all) as you mentioned
    – Make vendors responsible for end of life disposal of items, such as electronics. Australia (where I’m from) doesn’t yet). And if you introduce cfl lights make sure you have simple ways to recycle these heavy metals!
    – allow waste buy back schemes. 5p or cents for drink cans and bottles. These can be run by charities to make money or be govt revenue raising :p
    – Intact laws making every dine in location (like food courts) must have multi use utensils etc. This should be default over single use items.

    Just some of my things 🙂

    • Hi Sarah
      Thanks for your comment-sounds like you really know your stuff!
      If renewables are too expensive, then surely we are all doomed? Fossil fuels will run out very soon. What is the answer? Surely renewables will become cheaper as the technology evolves and more comes online?
      If the things that you suggested did come on line, that we be awesome, but I feel like it would just be a drop in the ocean, and need BIG action, NOW if we are to stand any chance.
      I have no idea what the answers are, and I appreciate that governments are constrained by finances and politics, but it frustrates that they don’t seem to realise that this is a MASSIVE issue, and if we don’t do something about it, none of the rest really matters, as we really will be well and truly stuffed. It really scares me. 😦

  5. GO GIRL!!!

    Good for you…I might even join you (like you, not at ALL political!) Maybe BlogLand should inundate Mr C with similar post and see if he gets the message! Glad to see you have support to as it makes me feel less alone, although what can we as individual people realistically do in the BIG world….who would listen to us?

    But we must still do our little bit. I shall be able to tell my children that I did my little bit….not sure if that will help them or my conscience.

    Good for you Jen ❤ xx

    • Thankyou so much. All each of us can do is take responsibility for ‘our bit’ I guess, and make our own lifestyles as sustainable as we can. If we all did that, we really could change the world!

  6. That is an excellent letter to Mr C and I really hope he reads it and you get a decent letter back. I agree with you, climate change scares me half to death once I get really thinking about it but there seem to be so few people around that feel the same. I know some people around here think I’m crazy and don’t understand why I cycle the school run, or why I’m fanatical about what goes in my black bin….

    That’s why I enjoy reading your blog (and others) so that I can read about like minded people! Keep up the good work and let us know if you get a response. 🙂

  7. I did the same ting regarding the care of patients when my mother was in a local hospital in 2006. Although I never expected much (well, it was the government) it did actually elicit a personal response, the matter being taken up by the Ministry of Health and changes being made so…..don’t give up on trying to make changes!!

  8. Fantastic. I personally think that even though Mr C probably doesn’t read all his mail he would read one that comes in a washing up bottle!!! I would anyway.

    Well done and good luck for when you send it

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