Birthday number 2

So the second birthday in our triumvirate (is that the right word to use?) of birthdays was my lovely mum’s.

She has been dropping some reasonably heavy hints that she wanted a pinboard/memo board for her new kitchen, so this is what we decided to make.

And this is how you do it…

What you need:

  • old picture frame-we found a picture in a nice big frame on a trip to Glastonbury Reclamation Yard (if you live anywhere near, go for a mooch-there is some awesome stuff!)
  • paint to paint it with
  • piece of sheet metal
  • metal primer (optional)
  • something to cover the sheet metal with-fabric, old map, comics, magazines, stamps, anything you fancy….
  • glue to stick things with-I heart mod podge-it is awesome, but watered down PVA is the next best thing
  • craft magnets, and things to stick them to
  • glue gun or super glue

What you do:

  • Disassemble your picture, and put the glass somewhere it won’t get broken…

Mum b'day41

  • Paint the frame (or you can cover it with fabric/stamps/magazine bits etc)
    I painted the frame with about 3 or 4 coats of purple (which is the ‘accent’ colour of the new kitchen…) acrylic paint I found lurking in my craft stash.

Mum b'day3

  • Get your lovely Hubby toย Very carefully cut a piece of sheet metal to fit the frame (use the backing piece of the frame as guide)
  • Prime the metal with some spray primer if yours is a bit rusty like ours

Mum b'day1

  • Use your mod podge (or equivalent) to stick your chosen fabric/magazines/comics etc to the primed metal-taking care to smooth out any air bubbles or creases. At the back, just fold it over like you are wrapping a present, and glue it down

Mum b'day61

  • Allow the frame and the covered metal bit to dry, and then reassemble


  • Make some magnets by gluing a random assortment of items onto craft magnets, and job done!

Mum b'day51

Mum b'day52

(I will admit that a lot of the items we used in this project were stuff we had lying around after being bought new a while ago-pre MMDAMY-for previous projects, but still a pretty frugal present, and 100% homemade!)

  • Then you need to find something to wrap it in…Back upstairs to the fabric stash…

Mum b'day53

Couple this with a batch of homemade Millionaire’s Shortbread, and a candle, and I think that makes a pretty good pressie!

Mum b'day71

18 thoughts on “Birthday number 2

  1. That looked a much too nice picture and frame to have been at a reclamation yard! I’m sure that all these presents are much better for being what the person wants and for them seeing the love that you have put into making them.

  2. Oooh, was that Wells Reclamation? (on the road between Wells and Glastonbury)
    They have loads of lovely things there – unfortunately too many nice things and enough money in my wallet!

    It looks like a really thoughtful present – the pinboard looks fabulous and the millionaire’s shortbread looks delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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