Not quite to plan….

You know when you have what you think is an awesome idea, and you can’t think why no-one else has done it before, and then you do it, and realise why no-one else has done it before?

Well that.

I regularly make a batch of hot cross buns (without the faff of the cross, and we usually have them cold, so more like fruity spicy buns really) and bung them in the freezer for the Smalls to snack on. But over Easter, I was trying to come up with a ‘new and exciting twist’ on the traditional hot cross bun, and had a lightbulb moment about incorporating marzipan.

My ‘vision’ was little cubes of marzipan dotted through light, springy, fruit filled buns…

It didn’t work.

The marzipan kind of smeed around as I was trying to incorporate it in, and then the dough didn’t prove very well (not sure if the marzipan kind of weighed it down), and then when I cooked them, the marzipan exploded out of the buns, and made a huge mess.

marzipan buns1

marzipan buns21


So, the two things I have learned are:

-there is often a reason why there is no recipe for your latest ‘incredible ground-breaking idea’

-if you are going to try out ‘incredible ground-breaking ideas’ DON’T make a double batch…

14 thoughts on “Not quite to plan….

  1. The previous comment would be exactly mine! Looks ain’t everything if they taste good, and I agree that in theory the marzipan and bun idea sounded really good! Must be some way of doing it, think Christmas stollen. Well done you any way that you had a go.

  2. Try freezing the cubes of marzipan first. I make a fruit cake which has frozen cubes of marzipan in and it is a family favourite!

  3. I’ve made the fruit cake with the frozen marzipan- it’s very good 🙂

    I was making hot cross buns at Easter and was suddenly struck by the thought they should have banana in. (I’d been given lots of squishy bananas and was making banana chocolate brownies at the same time.). I got as far as googling it to see if anyone had got there before me. and they hadn’t, which worried me a bit. I’m usually waaay behind with my bright ideas. I’m still thinking about it though, so watch this space…

  4. You gave me a laugh and that is always good so you did achieve something out of it.
    You should also congratulate yourself for being brave enough to try a recipe of your own. I am never that daring.

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