I can feel the excitement in the air, and the tension is palpable…

I know you are all on the edge of your seats desperate to know the FIVE lucky winners of my wonderful Message in a Bottle Ecover Giveaway…

Drumroll please…

In no particular order:

  1. Vivienne left this message about plastic bag use:

“<3 this idea ! I’ve used Ecover since finding my grandson inherited my son-in-law’s eczema & now I use it because its environmentally safe. I would love to send a message to every single person in this country who still use plastic carriers & doesn’t think of the harm they are doing. If only I had enough bottles ! To quote an old Indian proverb we don’t inherit the world from our ancestors, we only borrow it from our children”… says it all.”

2.  Hazel left this one on a similar theme:

“Probably the plastic bag tax message to Mr Cameron, I think. I have so many things I’d like to tell so many people(! One day, when my Glorious Rule comes, as the fabulous @RevRichardColes says…) but whereas I’m not going to get people to stop using supermarkets, I can at least help reduce the amount of waste they create whilst using them. Maybe. Hopefully.
Or I might tell Michael Gove to let schools teach climate change to under 14 year olds. But probably the plastic bag tax…”

3. Sarah Oates left this lovely message, which turned into a fantastic rant!:

“Amazing idea! I hope people really do send their bottles whether they win or not, I think I would send mine to Lord de Mauley who is in charge of environmental services for the government and write the message “Why has the England not enforced the 5p charge on Carrier Bags? Also please can you get all schools to show the film Trashed and teach kids how to manage waste properly. And please can we put regulations on plastics made to large companies, and has the UK even begun to look at the successful ‘Waste to Energy’ programmes in countries like Sweden, that have no waste! And why as such a superpower county why are we not leading the way in environmental issues!” Hmmmm I started ranting and felt I couldn’t stop! Good Luck with the campaign :)

4. Chris wants to send Mr C a message about the bees:

“If I were lucky enough to win I would send my bottle to David C asking him to ban Neonicotinoids now and not wait for test result, by the time the tests are finished as this may be to late and to look into all GM and pesticides because if we kill off all insects etc we will have no birds, butterflies or ladybirds. It is the law of unintended consequences as in “Rachel Carsons” ” Silent Spring””

5. Mehubbyandthekids (not her real name. Or maybe it is, I am just making an assumption..)

“We already have the carrier bag charge here in Wales and it has done wonders in changing the way we think about one use carrier bags. But why does it have to hurt our wallet before we think about it?

My message would be three fold.
1st renewable energy. What will we do when fossil fuels run out? We need to start reducing our dependency on these now. Not after they run out and we are stuck. The government needs to take these issues more seriously.

2nd. Get the message in schools. If our kids are aware of the issues then they will make better choices re waste, plastic, chemicals, recycling, upcycling, everything. They are the future and although our generation needs to start now, we are kind of fumbling in the dark as the majority of us are not educated to know how we can make a difference. We have to look to other people or plod along in our own little world hoping we are doing enough. I believe that if we knew what we were meant to do and how to do it then it would be easier for us to do it.

3rd (last but by no means least) big companies need to take responsibility for their manufacturing processes. They need to be supported and encouraged to recycle, manage waste effectively and generally make better choices without profit being the main goal.

Phew I would need a big bottle! :)

Thankyou to all the winners for your thoughtful and eloquent comments. Please can you e-mail me with your names and addresses? E-mail:, and I can set the wheels in motion for your very own personalised bottle to be winging it’s way towards you!

And a huge, big thankyou to everyone who left a comment.

Several people remarked that as a campaign it would have more impact if as many people as possible could send the same message to the same person. And I agree. As I said in the original post, I love the mental image of Mr David Cameron PM being deluged with Ecover bottles, all berating him for his governement’s lack of action on so many environmental issues. Claire Lewis and I have been discussing this, and will get back to you all ASAP with a plan!

Thanks again everyone 🙂

8 thoughts on “Winners!!

  1. Yay I won!! I never win anything!

    How did you guess that’s not my real name??? You must be a super detective. (It’s actually Nicola) very boring!

    Can’t wait to hear about your campaign. I love a good plan

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