Dead things tart tartin

Flushed with the success of my ‘Dead Things and Custard’, we moved up a gear and had Dead Things Tart Tartin the other day, which I think sounds very posh indeed..!

I was very pleased with myself having made ‘rough puff’ to top a cheesy pie, but had half left, sat in the fridge getting a bit stiff, and we had half a pineapple going a bit brown, a half chewed banana and some partially gnawed apple and pear, as well as some gingerbread biscuits that BigSmall and I made, and then forgot about the last few (they were at least 3 weeks old..)

Sooooo, I cut all the fruit into chunks, sautéed (fried) it in butter (I just added the banana right at the end). Then bashed up the biscuits with a rolling pin and sprinkled that over the top of the fruit still in the pan,

tart tartin41

rolled out my slightly stiff rough puff and wodged it in top

tart tartin31

and then bunged the whole lot in the oven for about 30mins.

I also found a very wrinkled looking passionfruit lurking at the back of the fridge, so once I had deftly manoeuvred the tart out of the pan, I squeezed the pulp and pips over the top, and triumphantly plonked it on the table served it up!

I will admit this doesn't look that appetising, but it tasted pretty great!

I will admit this doesn’t look that appetising, but it tasted pretty great!

Another victory in my Waste not Want not attempt to #stopfoodwaste!

19 thoughts on “Dead things tart tartin

  1. That is a great victory over The Things That Lurk in the Fridge. You have motivated me to go and look at what’s in the back of mine..

  2. From the picture I thought it was a potato and meat dish at first. As a fruit dish it sounds great and I bet it was delicious. Hungry now, will go and see what is in the fridge …..

  3. Very creative well done! We’re running a lean fridge at the moment and I’m holding out doing a food shop for a few more days to use up everything we have. No brown fruit to make anything as interesting as this though!

  4. I have lurked about here a few times, and really enjoyed looking at your wonderful ideas! Returning after an absence of a month or so, my eye caught this headline, and … I thought you were harvesting roadkill. And making it into meat pie. I’m sorry to have misjudged you and was relieved to see it was a delicious fruit dessert — which inspired me! (I think I was somewhat prone to error due to our previous home town, in which, due to its far-north latitude [natural refrigeration, you see], people frequently made use of deer and moose meat from recent car-animal … er … interactions.

    Love your site!

    Kristin (NE Oregon State, US)

    • Thanks Kristin! Lovely to know that My Make Do and Mend Year has an international readership..! Please don’t anyone suggest roadkill as a future blog post. I’m sure it’s lovely, but don’t think it’s for me…

      • Oh, I thought you were working up to badger sausages…Or flat pheasant pie…

        I can see that roadkill would be more practical (not to mention appealing) if it was deer/moose sized, but I mostly see squished pheasant and rabbit.

        I have once or twice considered picking up pheasant for our dogs if I know it’s only just happened, but haven’t done it yet!

      • Well, after reading the follow-up replies, I do have to mention that one very early morning (also in the previous hometown) as my husband drove to do his OB shift at the hospital, a flock of wild turkeys suddenly ran madly across the highway in front of him. One member of the flock (husband refers to him as “Late Louie”) was a bit behind and got squarely hit by the car. In fact, he then went right under the bumper and through to the back, which very effectively de-feathered him. A semi-truck following my husband came to a very sudden halt. The driver leapt out, dashed over and grabbed the turkey, tossed the bird into the cab of the truck with him, and drove on. My husband almost couldn’t drive for laughing.

        Yes, Jen, you have an international readership! Your blog is such fun. I do appreciate, however, you drawing the line at insanitary frugality! 🙂 kristin

      • Thanks Kristin! Lovely to hear from you on the other side of the pond!
        Was you hubby tempted to go back to see if there were any more casualties..?!

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