Not my best buy…

You may remember my delight at my Flea Market finds recently….

I have been on the lookout for a little while for a ‘prettier’ alarm clock for the side of my bed than the current one

Although as hubby has pointed out, this is nearly old enough to be 'retro'...

Although as hubby has pointed out, this is nearly old enough to be ‘retro’…

And I was very pleased to find this little retro number:


But my delight has been somewhat tempered by a few teeny tiny things that we have since discovered….

1) It has the NOISIEST “tick” in the world-not ideal for lulling you off to sleep

2) It needs winding up-which is great on one hand, as it is not using batteries, BUT we inevitably forget, and then end up late…

3) It kept losing time (a bit like me on the internet..) and was about 10 minutes slow, so hubby fiddled with a knob (!) on the back, and we smugly thought that had fixed it. Not it seems to be gaining time, and runs about 10 minutes fast…

4) It took a couple of nights to work out how to switch the alarm off…

5) This is my biggest bug bear-the ‘glow in the dark’ hands only glow in the dark if it has been sat under artifical light for several hours, and even then they give up the ghost halfway through the night. This is not ideal when you are being roused from your slumbers on a regular basis in the middle of the night by a certain SmallSmall and want to know what the time is.

So all in all, not my greastest find.
And this is where buying secondhand ends up costing more, as we would have been able to return it if we had bought it new from a ‘normal shop’.

Do you think I can sell it on E-bay..?!

13 thoughts on “Not my best buy…

  1. Aw, shame! I think that’s lovely. I have a similar vintage Westclox which shares many of the same traits but I love it! Each to their own…
    If it hasn’t been used in a while, it might benefit from ‘running in’. Mine gets a bit erratic if it gets very cold (when the flat’s empty for a few days).

  2. This is SOOO Funny as my Nan had a house full of the most ridiculously annoying clocks and guess what your flea find clock was identical to one of them! When we stayed over in the next room you could hear the clock and would keep you awake! When the hour went back in popped Nan to wind back the clock…..OMG it was the most annoying clock ever! I hope you can learn to love this clock or maybe Upcycle it into a self destructing bomb maybe…..?

  3. Ian gave me an alarm clock a few years ago which looses/gains an hour or two at random. I haven’t the heart to get rid of it as it was a present and looks kind of stylish. I have learnt to love it (but never rely on it).

    • Fab! Does your have ‘glow in the dark’ hands too? Hard to tell from the video.
      I am touched that you went and video’d your alarm clock for me..!

  4. I always thought it was better not to know what horrible o’clock it was when my babies woke me up, so I have a (quietly) ticking non-illuminated clock by my bed. Maybe you could use the clock somewhere else in the house. I find my (fast) kitchen clock very useful, because it sends me out of the house 5mins early..

  5. This post really made me laugh! Something are pre-loved/hated for a reason. Now you are at a similar stage as me with my temperamental iPod doc: Can you in good conscience sell things online that are…well, a bit sh!t?

    • I reckon I can sell my clock, as other people may well find it’s loud ticking and lack of glow in the dark hands ‘endearing’… Not so sure about something that you know is faulty!

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