Dead things and custard…

I went out the other evening (shocking I know-nothing very exciting unfortunately-a pre-school committee meeting..) and I came back to the delicious smell of baking!

Hubby had been baking!

Which is lovely.

He made cake AND biscuits.


Exceptthecakewasabitdry. Andpossiblythebiscuitstoo.

There I said it. Very quickly, but I said it.

Really don’t want to discourage hubby from becoming the next Paul Hollywood, but maybe a bit more practice is needed.

So, in the time honoured fashion of all things slightly past their best, I took the ‘dead cake’, crumbled it into a pie dish

Dead cake

Dead cake

teamed it up with some ‘dead fruit’ that had been partially gnawed at by Small people and then discarded (I may have sauteed this in a little butter and sugar..)

Dead cake2

Dead fruit-being given the kiss of life by butter and sugar

and smothered the whole lot in custard…

Have to admit it doesn't look that appetising, but trust me on this one

Have to admit it doesn’t look that appetising, but trust me on this one

and bunged it in the oven.

Dead Cake Pudding

Dead cake5

Pretty yum, and a great way to #stop food waste (that’s my excuse for shoving pudding into my face, and I am sticking with it…)

21 thoughts on “Dead things and custard…

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  2. I’m impressed by your dedication to the cause! Selflessly researching ways to avoid food waste… 😉

    This might show my age but the biscuits make me remember watching Why Don’t You? as a child and they ALWAYS seemed to make a pudding where you dunked the biscuits in coffee (rich teas) or orange juice (ginger biscuits), sandwiched them together with something (?cream. I doubt it, in the ’70’s. Probably something really grim like Dream Topping) and then covered the whole ‘sausage’ with whatever-the-stuff-was.

    Describing it, it doesn’t sound any more appealing than it looked then (!), but there must be a nice way to use up dead biscuits- chocolate fridge cake? a crumb crust for another pudding (cheesecake)? Could you push yourself that far in the interests of zero waste?!!

    • Not sure I could smother them in Dream Topping, but I did make a disasterous batch of biscuits a while ago, which are residing in the freezer, and come out when I need a cheescake base or am making Rocky Road!

  3. Yep I made a batch of Fairy Cakes a couple of weeks ago – soggy disaster – however disguised them all in cream and other delights, bunged it all back in the oven – delicious!

  4. Dead things and custard! Love it. Sound like one of Johnny’s recipes (“Mummy, I’ve made you supper.” “Oh lovely, what is it?” “It’s poo. And tea. With some caravans in it.” “Oh… delicious…”)

  5. thats such a good idea! and i can imagine v yummy. if only my husband would bake then we would have some dead cake for this. mind you cake doesn’t last very long in our home..

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