The Less is More Challenge

When I ventured up to the Big Smoke recently for the Secret Blogger’s Mission for Ecover, to learn all about their fantabulous Message in Our Bottle,  I met several other lovely bloggers, one of whom, Claire O’Keefe, had come all the way over from Ireland to take part.

Claire is on a SERIOUS mission to save the world and I can’t keep up with all the amazing ideas she has and all the balls she is keeping in the air. You can check out her blog here, and follow the links for the Eco-Network, the Soother Cycle, and her new project (below).

Earth Day is fast approaching (22nd April)

earth day

and Claire thought it would be appropriate to challenge us all to think ‘Less is More’, and has launched “The Less is More Challenge”

And she wants as many people to get on board as possible.

“How do we get involved?” I hear you all cry…


All you have to do is do as many of the following things as possible, on Earth Day:

  1. Pack a lunch for work.
  2. Use a reusable bottle for your water – Bobble Bottles are great for filtering as you go and are offering a discount during Earth Month.
  3. Do not purchase Clothing for one day. But if you have to try and only purchase clothing that give back and make an effort to tackle environmental issues in the production of the product. I don’t think in one day you will in counter a fashion emergency!!
  4. Swap a Chemical Based home cleaning product for an ECO alternative, two of my favorite companies are Lilly’s Eco Clean & Ecover
  5. Discover Terracycle and the ways you can help to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”!
  6. Buy local organic produce or pre think your shop for the week to reduce food waste.
  7. Plant a Tree and/or a plant that native bee’s LIKE.
  8. Cycle to work or take public transport.
  9. Watch the film HOME & film Trashed.
  10. Just open your mind for one day to the little things you can do to instill change in our world globally starting with yours

She has very cleverly come up with this ingenious logo


which the maths geek in my is loving (do you vaguely remember these symbols, and the crocodile analogy from your schooldays..?!)
Claire explains it a bit more; “The Less Is More Challenge logo is simple and in Black & White. Symbolising the fact that Global Warming is a Black and White Issue and needs to be TACKLED NOW by each and every ONE of us. It also symbolises simplicity – that you don’t have to spend money on this challenge in fact by purchasing less you will save money.”

You can join in and show Claire your support by hopping over to the Less is More Facebook page and clicking on LIKE, and you can follow #lessismore on Twitter too 🙂

We should all be inspired by Claire and by people like her, who are standing up and shouting as loud as they can about the dangers and problems that climate change can and will create.

We can and should all do our bit. If Claire can launch a whole campaign and get big brands like Terracycle and Ecover on board, then surely we can all do “The Less is More Challenge” and make a difference this Earth Day.

6 thoughts on “The Less is More Challenge

  1. I am so chuffed Jen thanks a million for your help in highlighting this Challenge and me in general. It’s my first ever blog piece and exposure in general and it is so lovely to read your thoughts on me, my mission and all my balls…in the air!! Let’s just hope we can all change just ourselves anyone else is a bonus…!

  2. Great post. I’ll check this out for definite. It sounds like you’ve got some great ideas flowing there, I’m onboard!

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