Flea finds

I left you all on a cliffhanger yesterday, and I hope you all managed to sleep ok what with the suspense…

So here it is, the big reveal-what we bought at the Flea Market….

The first purchase was this great magazine rack for all the piles of crap  magazines and bits by hubby’s side of the bed. I think it’s fine as it is, but hubby is keen to give it a little TLC with some hammerite

I was on the hunt for some storage/display options for a new venture (more on this to come..!) and spotted this wicker basket:


It had these 1050’s “Woman” magazines inside:


and I am a sucker for old magazines, so I had a bit of a haggle and got both…

I just love all the old adverts inside-this is one my favourites:

Who knew B.O had already been invented in the '50's..?!

Who knew B.O had already been invented in the ’50’s..?!

The magazines sit very nicely in the magazine rack…


And then I saw some old potato sacks, and though I would get one to have a go at making a bag or some such out of it (sure I’ve seen something like this on Pinterest…)


And our last purchase, on the way out, was this retro alarm clock for my bedside table:


All in all, I think I was quite restrained…!

16 thoughts on “Flea finds

    • I was thinking something along those lines. It is a bit whiffy though-even after a handwash in the machine. Might have to attack it with the bicarb…

      • mmm might be the material if it is a type of sacking and you may never remove the ‘fragrance’. Have a go with Bicarb but if that doesn’t work perhaps you could make it into a large floor cushion for the garden – for those sunny days …

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