Take one pair of jeans…

As you are all no doubt bored to the back teeth by now of my tales of patching, I got to thinking what else could be done with jeans that are ‘past their best’.

Last summer, I made an old pair of jeans in to a skirt:

Jeans challenge1

I have also made a small bag from a leg of a pair of jeans:

Jeans challenge2

I have had the top of yet another pair sat pinned for months, waiting to be turned into a bigger bag:

Jeans challenge3

And I have created a dedicated “Jean genie” (genius, I know…) Pinterest board for jeans upcycling ideas.

Sooooo, that brings me to the point of this post.
And it involves YOU!

In a new and exciting (?) twist to the tale of My Make Do and Mend Year, I am throwing down a challenge to my lovely, thrifty, inventive readers (don’t look around, I am talking to you..)…

And here it is….


Oh the excitement!

I’ll be kind and give you a couple of weeks on this one-answers on postcard, or leave a comment, or even blog about it and send me the link, and I will act as judge and jury and declare a winner.

There is no prize. This is a Make Do and Mend Year after all. You can however bask in the heady glory and kudos and being designated the ultimate Jeans Upcycler….

32 thoughts on “Take one pair of jeans…

      • made peg bag this morning, rather pleased! I always think it’s a waste of good fabric to make a peg bag and am not interested in spending ages making one. This was great: Found coat hanger, chopped across jeans, sewed up the bottom edge (2 rows for strength) popped coat hanger in and zig zaged across the top :0)

  1. I’ve made both my girls lunchbags out of old jeans (and one for my son out of old cords) when I got fed up of replacing torn padded ones. Better get thinking…and find my denim sewing machine needle…

  2. Great ideas, y’all! This is a fun topic! I’ve made purses in the past, and made my daughter a small purse from the pocket of a completely worn out pair of jeans. My friends used to make skirts of various designs from them. You may’ve inspired me to try my hand at this again. 🙂

  3. Hi Jen,
    loving the challenge!
    i have made rucksacks, shoebags and peg bags from old jeans in the past, also christmas stockings and naturally have used any scraps to repair/patch other jeans. Scraps are also useful for applique. One thing i would like to try through is cutting strips and weaving the denim to form a new fabric. i shall check out your jean jeanie board, very fitting what with Bowie’s 40th AS aniversary this year.
    p.s. have you ever seen flight of the conchords bowie sketch? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zV4pJ8MwM very silly : )

  4. My teenage stepson has just outgrown another bin bag or two full of clothes including a few pairs of jeans (some of them had already been “upcycled” into shorts when the knees got ripped.) Instead of sorting through them for cousins/charity shop/recycling I remembered a pattern in a book we have for a denim dog bed and the dog was in need of a new bed. The legs of the jeans make a bolster around the edge. Because it is stuffed with material bits it will take about a week to dry whenever I decide to wash it but its his “second” bed not his main one so hopefully I won’t have to do it too often!
    Took some adjustment as the jean shorts were missing fabric and our dog is pretty large/porky but he has a lovely cosy bed now, made of jeans and a flannel shirt and stuffed with chopped up t-shirts, socks and even bits of pants!

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