Slippers and Sugru

Slippers have been a bit of an ongoing theme in this blog. Along with boots. So apologies if I am boring you all rigid. But warm feet are very important to me…

You may re-call, that I did in fact make my own slippers a little while ago.

slipper make71

And despite not looking the best, they did function quite well as slippers, and kept my feet pretty warm.

But then came Christmas. And I think my brother and his lovely wife were feeling a bit sorry for me, and obviously were not so impressed by the homemade slippers as I was, and they presented me with a very warm, snuggy, far more aesthetically pleasing pair on Christmas Day. And not wanting to appear ungrateful (and realising that these were actually much warmer than my poor pair) I have been wearing them ever since (not all the time, just indoors…)

But then disaster struck. And the sole of the new slippers started to come away from the rest of the slipper.

slippers and sugru1

Before the start of My Make Do and Mend Year, I think I would have carried on wearing them for a bit, and then binned them, and proceeded to M&S (other slipper outlets are available) to buy a new pair.

But not now.

Now, I did what every good Make Do and Mender does in these situations-I showed them to hubby and asked him to fix them, politely hinting that I thought Sugru would do the job very well here…

slippers and sugru2


Thankyou Lovely Hubby. And thankyou again Sugru!

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