How to make a hooded towel…

BigSmall has started swimming lessons, and is loving them.

But we have a minor issue. His ‘shark’ towel, which is one of these hooded poncho type ones is getting a bit small, and I end up nearly pulling his ears off each week, when I try to take it off…

Each week, I have been promising him I will make a new one, and each week I forget/end up doing other things.

But not this week!

It is done 🙂 Top mummy marks for me.

And inevitably, here is a little how-to just in case you ever feel the need to make one yourself.

I found this great tutorial here on a website called Makes and Takes, and have adapted it slightly to suit the materials I had to hand.

This is what you need:

Hooded towel1

  • a bath towel
  • either a hand towel, or an old hooded towel that is too Small (BigSmall’s shark towel is now SmallSmall’s towel, but SmallSmall’s old hooded towel is now too small to be of use, so I butchered this-in the name of Make Do and Mend, you understand…)
  • sewing machine and thread
  • pins
  • scissors

This is what you do:

  • If you are using a hand towel, you can just use it the size it is, or cut it in half, depending on how large your Small is
  • If you are using an old hooded towel like me, then lay it out and cut it into three bits, the middle section with the hood, and the two bits either side. You don’t need the hood bit, so you can keep this for flannels, or cleaning or some such thriftiness

Hooded towel2

  • Take your two pieces from either side of the hood, and pin them right sides together, and then sew to give you one towel piece that can now be used for your ‘hood’

Hooded towel4

  • Lay your big towel out right side (ie the bit that will be on the outside of your Small when they are wearing it) down, and fold it in half to ascertain where the middle is
  • Line your newly made ‘hood’ section along the top-lining up both middles, with the cut bits of your hood at the top

Hooded towel5

  • I didn’t worry about going right sides together, I just pinned and sewed along where the two towels met
  • Then fold over the corners of your hood piece and pin the two raw edges right sides together (it is easier to do this if you kind of turn it all inside out-hard to explain, but hopefully will make sense as you do it….)

Hooded towel8

  • Sew along this line, trim off all your loose threads and you are done!
  • Then get one over-excited 4 year old fresh out of the bath to model it for you…

Hooded towel21

Not the same poncho style as his old one, but much easier to make, and it does the job, and hopefully he won’t grow out of it!

When asked if he liked his new towel, that mummy had lovingly made, BigSmall came up with the glowing endorsement “it’s alright”…

10 thoughts on “How to make a hooded towel…

  1. What a good idea! If you wanted a non fray edge at the top of the two piece hood you could sew a French Seam there before adding it to the big towel. I noticed one of my hand towels was getting a bit thin on one end, so may make it into a hood for one for my granddaughter when she stays overnight.and I know exactly what shape to put on the back. She loves owls!

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