Look what the postie bought..!

I have had yet more unsolicited lovely post!

I wrote recently about the Kindness of Strangers, and it is continuing.

Everyone loves getting post (don’t they?) and especially parcels. And especially parcels with hand-written labels. And even more especially parcels with hand-written labels that you don’t know what’s in them!

I have had not one, but TWO parcels this week from lovely ladies who I have only ‘met’ on Twitter, and who very kindly asked if I would like a little something in the post to help with My Make Do and Mend Year.

The first was from @belledebrum, who sent me this gorgeous bundle of fabric that her Small now professes to be too big for…!

Suess fabric4There is some very cute ‘transport’ fabric:

Suess fabric1Some great ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ fabric:

Suess fabric3And this absolutely gorgeous Dr Suess fabric, that personally, I feel is far too nice for the Smalls, and I want to use it to make something for me! Any suggestions?

Suess fabric2

The second parcel was a complete surprise, from @costlytrinket, again via Twitter:

This fabulous and very apt "Make Do and Mend" book, complete with a lovely and very fitting card!

This fabulous and very apt “Make Do and Mend” book, complete with a lovely and very fitting card!

And the card had this lovely message on the back:


How lovely is that?!

Thankyou so much all you fantastic people πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Look what the postie bought..!

  1. Make a quilt! The dr suess would be great panels in a quilt, you could use bits of the smalls old clothes that you like (maybe baby clothes?) and make more panels and then it could live draped on the back of your sofa? Or come out when some needs comfort when ill? I’m keeping bits if baby clothes and favourite clothes for a family quilt for us.

    How make do and mend would that be?

  2. Love all the fabrics. How about a big squishy patchwork cushion for the bedroom to remind you of all the good wishes being sent your way..

  3. That’s so lovely πŸ™‚

    I desperately feel the need to send you some boots! I know of the eternal plight of a good pair of boots and that’s with being able to buy a new pair ! As far as I can remember you have tiny feet though ( and I now have size 7 fen treading feet lol)

  4. The world is full of wonderful people and things! Kindness brings kindness, as your gift parcels demonstrate! : ) Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy!

  5. Your two parcels are lovely. How exciting to receive them, and thoughtful of the people that posted them. Can’t wait to see how the Dr Seuss fabric is used! The books look fab too. I always keep my eye out in charity shops for books like those! Enjoy them!

  6. Love the Dr Seuss fabric- no ideas from me, I’m always to terrified to start cutting in case I ruin it!! Would love to see what you make though.

    The books are fab too. I’m very pleased with myself- took a bag of stuff into a charity shop and have come home with a wild food cook book by a v young HFW and an as-new chocolate sweet book by Hope and Greenwood (Easter present for eldest, who likes making sweets and cakes as gifts).

    • Cutting it is kind of what I am worried about..!
      Very jealous-I have been eying up that Sweet book for ages-there are some great gift things in there to make-enjoy πŸ™‚

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