My very first ever crochet pattern…

If you have managed to survive the excitement and suspense that was the cliffhanger I left you with yesterday, then well done!

So here it is folks…

…my very first attempt at writing my very own crochet pattern (I am aware that there are readers out there who are unmoved by crocheting, and I apologise to you. I will talk about something else tomorrow, promise)

It is for a jam jar cover. Now, I admit, this does not sound very exciting. Who on earth really cares about how their jam jars look (other than professional jam makers, obviously)? BUT if you are giving homemade jam or chutney as a present (or even if you have bought a posh jar of something) it does pretty it up a bit. There, I have justified myself and my potential dullness….


As I have said. I made this up, so please be gentle in your critiquing (is that even a word? And if it is, is it spelt right..?)

You will need:

  • wool-I used some embroidery wool that I found in a charity shop!
  • crochet hook-I used a 4mm hook
  • piece of ribbon

To start: Ch 4, then 6 tr into 1st st, sl st to 1st tr to form a round

Round 1: ch 1, then 2 tr into each tr, sl st into 1st st of this round

Repeat this pattern (ie 2 tr into each tr of the previous round) until your circle is about the same size as your jam jar lid-I think I did 2 rounds

Then do a round of 1tr into each tr, and sl st at the end to make the circle

Then (and this is the clever bit) ch 1, 5 tr into the space between the tr stitches of the previous round, miss three stitches, then repeat all way around until the end. Sl st into the 1st st of this round to finish

Tie off all your loose ends and weave them in (if you are feeling very keen)

You should then have a circle, with a wavy edged border, and some convenient holes to thread some ribbon through!

jam jar cover1

I changed colours purely because the embroidery skein ran out, but it worked out quite well I think!

What do you think? Does it work? Let me know if you try it!

8 thoughts on “My very first ever crochet pattern…

  1. Well, I think it’s fab and I am beyond impressed that you made up the pattern yourself!
    Hope the minty chocolate swirly things were as nice as they looked too!

    • My advice would be to get someone to show you! I nearly gave up after my 1st lesson, but so glad I persevered. Would definitely recommend it 🙂

  2. Oh I love to crochet but sadly I have a bad shoulder now (probably from intense crocheting) so can’t do it anymore

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