Bloody boots..!!!!!!


Those of you who have been following since the beginning, will be aware that finding a pair of boots that a) I like b) that fit c) don’t fall apart within a few weeks, is proving difficult to say the least.

As a quick re-cap, these were the original much-loved, much-worn boots:

My lovely old boots

My lovely old boots

which were mended several times at the cobblers, but then finally gave up the ghost. So I had a look on E-bay and got these:

The new boots

The new boots

Which when they arrived, weren’t really what I wanted, but I heroically sucked it up and ‘made do’, but then they fell apart after about 4 weeks, and despite a visit to the cobblers, and several attempts at home repairs involving carpet glue (!) and the good old glue gun, I again admitted defeat.

I found these in a charity shop which looked brand new:

A pair of virtually unworn Caterpillar boots

A pair of virtually unworn Caterpillar boots

but in daylight they turned out to be a weird purple colour, so I had to dye them. This worked surprisingly well, and I have been wearing these for several months now, and they are very comfortable, and have not fallen apart-hurrah! BUT while I can just about get away with them with skinny jeans, they do look a bit odd with dresses and skirts, so all my lovely charity shop dresses have been consigned to the wardrobe for a while.

I then found a pair which fitted, and were ‘ok’ in a charity shop a few weeks ago. They weren’t that great, but by this point I was taking anything that was vaguely decent and fitted. I paid for them and was just loading them into the buggy when I saw 2 big marks where the pseudo leather had started to peel off. 😦 Luckily the charity shop gave me my money back as I hadn’t even left the shop.

I was beginning to despair. But then, having a wander around the charity shops of the lovely Devizes after visiting the Vintage Bazaar, I stumbled across ‘Elm Tree Antiques’ which had a big banner outside advertising it’s vintage clothes. I squeezed in with the buggy, and a by now fractious and bored SmallSmall…And found these:

bloody boots1

Just about the right length, right colour, right size…!

They are real leather, and everything. I tried one on in the shop in a huge hurry as SmallSmall was really quite fed up by now. I thought at the time they were a bit tight getting them on and off, but just thought it was because in a rush and flustered.

I paid my money (£15-which I was quite chuffed with) and took them home.

And I love them.

BUT they are a NIGHTMARE to get on and off. There are no zips, and hooks inside for using old-fashioned boot pulls to pull them on with. (Frustratingly, I used to have both a pair of boot pulls and a boot puller offer thing as a result of my carefree younger days horse riding, but we sold them on E-bay a while ago.)

So, I have had to resort to a pair of wooden coat-hangers….

bloody boots2

And for now, once they are on, they have to stay on, until hubby gets home to pull them off!!

8 thoughts on “Bloody boots..!!!!!!

  1. I tried on a pair of boots with no zips in M&S whilst heavily pregnant – then realised that I couldn’t reach my feet to pull them off again! I had to get a shop assistant to do it for me!

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