A little bit of Give and Take…

This week saw me and the Smalls heading out to the wilds of Trowbridge for a ‘Give and Take’ event (or as BigSmall called it after mis-hearing me, “this Gibbon thing”…!) organised by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Wiltshire Council, as part of their programme of events they are running for Climate Week.

It was held at County Hall, which houses the official offices for Wiltshire Council, as well as Trowbridge Library. I had never ventured here before, but it is a beautiful building, light and airy, with a lovely cafe, and a great library-we will be back..!

Back to business, the Give and Take, or ‘Swap Shop’. This is a fantastic concept. You take something you no longer need/like/love, and swap it for something you do-simples!!

I should have taken a picture of the things we took with us to swap, but I forgot. We took: 3 cars/trucks out of the enormous box of cars/trucks that takes up a lot of space in our living room; 2 cookery books I have never opened rarely look at; 2 necklaces I no longer wear (this makes it sound like I was giving away precious jewels. I wasn’t); and random knitting patterns and bits I was planning to Freecycle.

Emma from Wiltshire Wildlife 're-arranging' some stuff!

Emma from Wiltshire Wildlife ‘re-arranging’ some stuff!

Lots of books!

Lots of books!

Some people browsing...

Some people browsing…

And we came away with: a remote controlled robot (!); a toy wooden wiggly snake; 2 toy cars/trucks (at least we now have ONE less…); a jumper for me; a large glass jar I can use to fill with goodies for a present

Us with our stash of 'new' goodies (don't ask about the shades, I have no idea...)

Us with our stash of ‘new’ goodies (don’t ask about the shades, I have no idea…)

We narrowly escaped also bringing home a large dog teddy, a long string of beads, and some more not quite right boots for me….

It was a great event-a fantastic way to promote re-use and to save stuff from landfill, and a fun morning’s ‘shopping’ with the Smalls!

I have a cunning plan to run one in Warminster-watch this space….

5 thoughts on “A little bit of Give and Take…

  1. Hi Jen, Im friends with Becksie who introduced me to your blog which i have been following for a while now and really enjoying. Becksie and you have got me thinking more about everything now and I’m trying really hard to shop less in supermarkets and recycle/mend things too!! I saw this today and thought of you and your recycle/upcycle lifestyle so wanted to share it with you…would you have a go at this?

    Be interested to hear what you think of this…I’m tempted to have a bash at this!

    • Hi Jenny!
      This looks FAB!! Am going to save up my bottles and give it a go. Wander if bubble wrap would work instead of wadding? Or would you end up popping whenever you sat down..?! Thanks for the link, and thanks so much for following 🙂

  2. That give and take event looks great. Wouldn’t it be fab if it caught on and there were more events around the country. I’d definitely go if there was a Hertfordshire / North London event.

    • Hi Heather. It would be great wouldn’t it? There is a big one in ‘actual’ London run by Healthy Planet I think. Not sure how you find out if and where these things are happening? Maybe you could ask your local council-they might know. Or start one yourself 🙂

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