What I miss most….

As I hurtle towards the halfway point of My Make Do and Mend Year, I thought I would let you all into a little secret. The thing that I am missing most about our new sustainable lifestyle.

I am love, love, loving My Make Do and Mend Year and all the changes that it has bought about.

There is not that much that I miss about buying new things, and on the whole I think we are better off without…

BUT, I do so miss buying magazines…

How shallow is that?!

I am, I think, mildly addicted to lovely crafty/vintagey mags, like Mollie Makes, and Pretty Nostalgic. And Mollie Makes have just bought out a new crocheting magazine called Simply Crochet which I want want WANT!

mollie makes1

A couple of my old issues of Mollie Makes, with still unmade projects in them!!

Nothing quite beats sitting down in peace and quiet (!) for half an hour with a cup of tea, a homemade hobnob and a lovely shiny new magazine. Or even just the thought of doing it. I would often buy the magazine and never really get that quiet half hour, but the thought that I might at some point, was enough!

The other day I was in town, and had to post some parcels. Our post office in in WHSmiths, and on the way out, I found myself lingering by the magazines. And then just having a look to see if some of my favourites were there. And they were. And then just having a quick look at what was on the front cover, and then having a quick flick through the glossy pages, and the gorgeous projects…

But, I am pleased to say I remained firm.

It did set off a serious debate in my head as to the ‘ethics’ of buying the digital downloads. If it is just  a download and not an actual ‘thing’ you can hold, does that count as buying new? I think it probably does.

For the rest of the year, I will have to get my fix of crafting projects from the wonder that is Pinterest-I have soooo many things pinned, I really should just get on and do some instead of looking for yet more lovely things to make in these magazines!

On the bright side, I will have saved myself a small fortune by the end of the year..!

And if there are people out there who have finished their current issue of Mollie Makes, or Pretty Nostalgic, or Simply Crochet, or, or…. then you know where to send them!!

22 thoughts on “What I miss most….

  1. Could you ask on your local Freegle if anyone has any – I always give away my Prima magazine once it has gone round a few friends on Freegle – magazines are so weighty to post and I am never short of someone who wants to take them off of me even with some of the pages missing where I have removed recipes LOL

  2. Was going to suggest the same. Someone at work left a pile of housey magazines in the staffroom and we’ve all gone through and taken a couple for half term. You get almost the same buzz….

  3. I’m on a space clearing, life saving adventure and, like you, don’t want to buy new magazines this year. Actually, reading your blog and all the others I subscribe to is sort of replacement therapy for magazines. I figure if I can find replacement blogs for all the pages I normally find in a magazine I’ll be happy and have made some new bloggy mates as well. But sometimes you do just need a paper treat…. Try freegle, that’s the best practical idea. Or could you post a wish on Facebook or Twitter?
    BTW I made the homemade Hobnobs today and they are dangerous…….

  4. Have you tried borrowing magazines from your local library? Our library lends magazines for 1 week at a time.

    Well done on not buying the new magazines though, very restrained!

  5. I miss magazines too ~ even though I know they are overpriced and often very short on ‘real’ content … it is the promise, the anticipation that I miss! You are not alone – I’m glad you held firm … it will inspire me to do the same 🙂

    • You are so right Hilary-it is the anticipation more than anything. As I said, I will often never get to sit and properly read them..! We should form some kind of support group 🙂

  6. I was just about to leave a comment saying Pinterest, before I got to the rest of your post! I used to spend a huge amount on magazines, especially when we were moving to our new home, but when I cleared out bundles of them and counted it all up, it was ridiculous! There is so much inspiration online now anyway, I have stopped missing them.

  7. Have you tries asking your local library? Ours have a good variety of magazines to look at, and are often open to suggestions 🙂

  8. My library often sells off old magazines when they are about 6 months old or you could try charity shops I often see magazines there.

  9. I always pick up the free ones at Asda, the health food shop and boots too, I know it’s not quite the same, but still that half an hour with a cuppa sort of feeling.

    • I have wrestled with whether this is ok or not, as though it is not technically buying, it is still accumulating ‘stuff’. Hubby keeps bringing them home though.. 😉

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