The Ultimate Make Do and Mend Fire…

Following on from the excitement of the paper bricks and the egg box firelighters, last weekend, we had an almost entirely self-sufficient fire…!

The lovely hubby carefully laid the fire, with some kindling ‘made’ from an old wooden pallet, the fabby egg box firelighters, and a few lumps of coal (I did say, almost entirely self-sufficient…)


Close up of the fire-lighters…

fire 21

I am very pleased and excited to report that the firelighters were a hit! Hubby even went so far as to say they were the best he’d ever used 🙂

And then once the flames had taken hold on the kindling, hubby plonked a paper brick on top!

fire 41

I think we were both secretly expecting it to just go ‘whoosh’ and disappear within about a minute, but I am happy to report that it not only burned well, but lasted a good time too!

As ever, with our fire, disappointingly, it didn’t really generate that much heat. But this is more due to the design of the fire itself, rather than what we burn on it.

The research into secondhand log burners is ongoing. But I am pleased that in the meantime, it will at least be cheaper to have a not very warm fire!

7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Make Do and Mend Fire…

  1. i am now going to make some firelighters thanks to you. I also have used odd socks that never find their partners to assist in firelighting x

  2. Well done, its a great step in the right direction. I soooo miss a fire (I think its the comfortable feeling you get when you sit and watch it burn), radiators just arent the same. :O(

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