Waste not, want not-recipe ideas #1

In an effort to help stop food waste (original post is here), and encourage the good people of blog-land to eat up all their fruit and veg (yes, even the manky bits..) here is the first in my series of posts containing some ideas for what to do with all those flaccid (I can’t say or type that word without sniggering, sorry, very juvenile) vegetables and squidgy bits of fruit that lurk at the bottom of the fridge or fruit bowl at the end of the week.

So here we go. First off it’s:

Omlettes or frittatas

Eggs are an excellent basis for using up any bits of veg.

Eggs-just in case you'd forgotten what they look like...

Eggs-just in case you’d forgotten what they look like…

A frittata is basically just a very thick omelette (I’m sure there are many more technical differences than that, but that is my, admittedly, very basic understanding!)

I’m sure you don’t really need anyone to tell you how to make an omlette, or even it’s far more exotic cousin, the frittata, but I said I would give you ideas, and give you ideas I will…!!

  • Either fry your veg in a little oil or butter or roast them in the oven-chop them into bite sized-ish pieces, dump all the bits in a large roasting tin, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with little salt and pepper, and some dried herbs if you are feeling a bit crazy,and whack in the oven at anywhere between 180 and 220C, depending on how quick you want them cook, and how charred you want them. Softer veg like peppers and aubergines do better at hotter temps for shorter times, whereas things like potatoes are better lower and longer.  You can use up all the slightly limp bits of veg-once they are cooked, no-one can tell…!
  • Then whisk up some free-range eggs (I usually allow about 2 large eggs per person) with a little seasoning, and add to the saucepan with the veg. You can dollop in some lumps of goats cheese, or some mozarella, or grate some lovely mature cheddar on top (again, use whatever you have in your fridge that needs using up/looks yummy)
  • Cook on a medium heat until the bottom is set, and then if you are very clever you can try flipping it or turning over carefully with a spatula, or if you are like me, you can finish of the top under the grill. The grill method has the advantage that any cheese on top goes nice and bubbly
  • Serve with nice green salad and some potatoes-boiled or cut into wedges and roasted or jackets or however you like. Or with a big hunk of fresh bread.
  • And don’t forget, and leftovers are delicious cold in lunchboxes (either on it’s own or sliced in a roll/sandwich) the next day. Waste not, want not..!

Hit me with some of your best ‘using up old bits’ recipes!

19 thoughts on “Waste not, want not-recipe ideas #1

  1. Two unlikely sounding but delicious frittata ideas I’ve tried are mixing either leftover pasta or leftover dressed salad into the egg mixture. The pasta can be plain or ‘sauced’. If it’s plain I add other bits and bobs in with it, or stir in some pesto too.

    If you google for ideas, it’s also worth searching for eggah, the middle eastern version of the Italian frittata or Spanish tortilla, for some inspiration.

  2. Haven’t got a recipe but I make soup!

    Base of onions, leeks, celery and garlic, potatoes to thicken, carrots or tomatoes for rangy or red soups and cabbage, lettuce, cucumber….well anything green in a green soup! we put in ANYTHING! Veg leftovers from Sunday roast in mondays lunch soup!…We blitz some of it with a hand blender and loosen with milk or water, and after (maybe) add sprouting beans or sweetcorn or maybe pasta (especially all the broken bits of spag or tag!) …don’t forget stock….boil up that chicken carcass.

    With so many combinations of stuff lurking in the bottom of the fridge and combinations of blitzing or not…you never get the same soup!

    Could use up past its best bread to make croutons!

    I’m hungry…see ya! xxxx

  3. I tend to roast the veg, then make a plain or a cheesy omelette to go with (oh the joys of fussy smalls). Eating roast potatoes and carrots, without it being a full-on roast dinner, feels really decadent 🙂 Lentil curry, or a hearty chilli, can also hide a multitude of forgotten veg. As can lasagne.

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