Hurray for crochet…

I have a new-found addiction love-crocheting!

I can kind of knit, but not very well, and I had seen some amazing crocheted things on Pinterest (here is my crochet inspiration board) and decided and I NEEDED to learn!

Serendipitously (love that word!) I was walking past the gorgeous Marmalade Yarns in Frome, and spotted their noticeboard advertising crocheting classes-it was meant to be..!

So I duly signed up, and very excitedly set off for my first class with high expectations…

BUT I very nearly gave up after the first lesson. Nothing to do with the quality of the teaching, which was fab, with nearly woman to woman marking of teachers to pupils, but more to do with a lack of patience and unrealistic expectations!

I tweeted and posted on Facebook about my frustration and disappointment, and was encouraged and supported by lots of lovely people who told me now to give up, and one lovely lady even sent me a power point of the basic crochet stitches (the kindness of strangers always amazes me).

So I didn’t give up. And I’m so glad I didn’t.

And I am now part way through my very first unsupervised project-a cushion cover!

For Christmas my lovely mother in law gave me a laminated photocopy of a project she found in one of her magazines along with some cotton type yarn she had found in a charity shop-I was so chuffed!


The colours she gave me didn’t suit what I want  the cushion for (our lounge) but I have managed to amass lots of bits and bobs of wool, and lots of embroidery skeins in loads of different colours, so I trawled though these to find complementary colours. It meant lots of changes of wool, as they were often only short lengths, but at least I am now quite practised at doing this!

This is half of the first half-what do you think?

crochet cushion1

I will post the finished thing as soon as it’s all done!

I have fallen head over heels for crocheting (can you tell..?). I particularly like the fact that I can sit in front of the TV having a snuggle with hubby, and still be crafting away…

15 thoughts on “Hurray for crochet…

    • Definitely keep on trying Emma. I really struggled-the best thing is to try and find someone who can show you-are there any classes near to you? Or do you know anyone-a friend’s mum/auntie, gran who might show you?

    • Me too! My forays into knitting have always been quite short-lived, but I think I have been bitten by the crocheting bug. Just need some more hours in the day to make all the things I want to..!

  1. Well done you, I can crochet (and knit), but dont tend to do a lot. This means I have a lovely book on crochet I brought last year (to inspire me!) that might just have found its new home!!!!! P.mail me your adrs and its yours :o)

  2. I agree with you with so many things you say. What a lovely present to be given, the pattern and charity shop wool. I enjoy any bargain found at a charity shop, especially if it involves crochet!

  3. I love crochet! The best thing about it is whilst it is yarn hungry you can take it anywhere! Keep going as it is well worth it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jen! I am endeavouring to only use yarn found secondhand, so may have to improvise and tweak some projects!

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